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CNC Intelligence is a crypto recovery agency that seeks to help people who have become victims of online scams revolving around digital money. Generally, businesses that deal with cryptocurrency are quite expensive but CNC Intelligence is known for its good services with cheaper prices. Obviously, the prices differ in the different cases, the amount of money lost in the scam, and how much risk and hard work it will take to recover that stolen money.

CNC Intelligence has overall good reviews and is certainly a crypto recovery business that a lot of people have relied on. CNC Intelligence has above 4-star reviews on almost every review website such as Trust-Pilot and Site-Jabber. These websites show CNC Intelligence Review left by the customers and whether or not they were satisfied with the services CNC Intelligence provided or not.

CNC Intelligence Reviews

With That Being Said, Let’s Start Delving Into CNC Intelligence Reviews Through Its Clients:

Reviews About Professionalism:

Max Kim:

Max Kim has said on Trust Pilot that they have a difficult time finding experts that would help them recover their lost cryptocurrency. However, these two representatives at CNC Intelligence have both been extremely knowledgeable, flexible, and “responsive.” Even as of now, Max Kim declares that they are looking forward to working with CNC Intelligence using CNC’s services and their own investigation of the fraud. Max Kim has given a solid 5-star review to CNC Intelligence on Trust-Pilot.


Jones has mentioned on Trust-Pilot that they have been feeling blue and under the weather when they had been scammed. They had nearly no hope of recovering their cryptocurrency, however, an assistant, “Simon,” had been helping Jones gain hope and for that, Jones is very thankful. Jones says that the workers at CNC Intelligence are kind, caring, and motivating.

Shania E:

Shania mentions that an assistant at CNC Intelligence called “Natasha Blank” was extremely helpful to her. In Shania’s books, Natasha is someone who understands her clients and is able to handle expert situations. She works very hard to make sure that her client feels most satisfied with her services by providing them comfort, motivation, and tips to catch the scammer and return the client’s cryptocurrency, Shania not only appreciates Natasha’s help but also recommends Natasha’s services for other people who seek similar assistance.

Jeramiah B:

Hanna from CNC has shown to be a reliable and open ally in Jeramiah’s efforts to recover from the swindle. Hanna has shown a profound awareness of the difficulties inherent in such circumstances even from the first meeting. High levels of trust in CNC’s services were fostered by her professionalism, responsiveness, and steadfast devotion.

Transparency and confidence were maintained throughout the process because of Hanna’s proactive attitude of keeping me updated at each stage. Jeramiah was actually able to successfully recover a sizeable chunk of her money because of CNC’s dedicated efforts. She heartily recommends CNC and Hanna because of their stellar track record and dedication to client happiness.

Dante B:

Dante lost every cent as a result of falling prey to internet fraud. He admits that he was first apprehensive to join CNC, but that he is pleased he did. Although his case has not yet yielded fruit, the team has been advocating for him and urging him to hold onto hope.

His original case manager was Jonathan, who did a great job of keeping Dante updated on the status of the case and always responding promptly. Even though Simon has only been handling Dante’s case for two weeks, it already seems like he is doing it correctly. He is personable and has already provided Dante with direction for the following few actions.

As seen through different sites, the majority of reviews fall at 5 stars or 4 stars. These reviews are collected from random clients and their experiences. Needless to say, CNC Intelligence is also a company, just like any other, hence, they too have some 1-star and negative reviews like other businesses do.

Truth is, once a business grows bigger, sometimes it can become difficult to manage so many cases from so many clients, and hence, mistakes are made in the process. CNC Intelligence Reviews show that CNC is indeed a good business for it has an average review of 4 stars on Trust-Pilot and 4.2 star review on Site-Jabber, making CNC a business greatly reviewed business that puts its client’s satisfaction above all else.

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