The officially-owned KickassTorrents website was shut off the internet by US authorities in the past few years. New websites that look identical to the KAT site are currently running.

The websites that we’ve identified on this page are copies of the original website. It might not be the same; however, it functions the same way as the original KickassTorrents website.

These clone websites are known as proxy and mirror websites and are updated occasionally. Since the websites allow users to download copyrighted materials, they are usually taken due to DMCA reports by software and movie companies.

KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror


Certain torrent websites mentioned may not be available to you because your ISP might have blocked these sites. In this case, you’ll need a VPN to connect to the website. Since it is prohibited in certain countries to use torrent websites using a VPN, you must shield yourself from your Internet service provider.

Various administrators manage the proxy/mirror websites. They may perform slightly differently from one another, but they’ll appear exactly the same.

Should I Use KickassTorrents?

If you’re looking to try different websites for downloading torrents, there are a lot of other websites that are alternatives. The most popular torrent site right now is Pirate Bay.

But, it isn’t easy to adapt to a new website for torrents. Therefore, it’s entirely your choice whether to utilize the new KickassTorrents sites.

What Date Will The First Kickasstorrents Website Reopen?

The first website will be returned later. It’s been several years since US authorities took the site off the internet.

As the domain was purchased from the owner who originally owned it, the original KAT website could return with a brand-fresh domain. It may already have a domain name that we must be aware of.

About KickassTorrents:

KickassTorrents, sometimes called KAT, was an online torrent download site. The website lets users download copyrighted movies and software for free and was a massive draw for over a million people daily. Because pirated content was being shared, the site was shut down by government officials from the US government.

Although the KickassTorrents website claimed that they abide by the DMCA and have removed any copyrighted content if it was discovered, their staff did not do this, leading to the website being removed.


The website was launched in 2008 by Artem Vaulin 2008 and quickly became one of the most well-known torrent websites. KickassTorrents is currently ranked number 69 on the internet and has a worldwide Alexa rank of 1,572 as of October 2017.


Servers Seized:

The site servers were confiscated, and authorities of the US administration removed its domain name in July 2016. The removal resulted from a two-year inquiry that began in the year that Vaulin was the subject of a criminal complaint. The US Department of Justice filed an indictment against Vaulin.

Following the seizure, some mirror domains were created, and the original KAT forum was relaunched. The website is run by volunteers, and nations including Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, and Malaysia have outlawed it.

Despite the website’s ban, however, it continues attracting millions of users daily. The primary reason is that many customers have shifted to alternative torrent sites or begun using VPNs to conceal the IP address of their computers.

Although KickassTorrents isn’t the only torrent website available online, it is among the most well-known. This is because it was among the first websites that offered magnet links and had an extensive selection of films and television shows.

Websites For Torrents Similar To Kickasstorrents:

Since its demise in 2016, other torrent sites, such as The Pirate Bay and ExtraTorrent, have risen in popularity. However, these sites have their issues since the government has also shut them off on numerous occasions.

Torrent websites, in general, are becoming more difficult to run due to the increasing number of legal proceedings and investigations being conducted. This trend will likely continue soon, meaning users must be extra careful when downloading copyrighted content.

However, these websites remain a well-known way to share or download data. They provide a variety of content and are generally extremely simple to use. So long as you use security measures to protect your identity, torrent sites are a fantastic way to access content unavailable in your area.

Are There Similar Websites Like KickAss?

While some people might not like the KickAss websites we mentioned in the previous paragraph, a couple of other file-sharing websites are the best for downloading torrents.

Best Alternatives to KickassTorrents

The alternatives listed below to KickassTorrents are highly user-friendly. Because there are so many peer-to-peer users, the downloading of torrents will be very fast.


Technology Times Magazine does not operate and manage one of the torrent sites mentioned. These links were shared for educational purposes only.