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Well done! Your company has been established, your branding has been strengthened, and now you’re ready to give your product the attention it deserves. Publishing your work in magazines is one of your greatest (and most profitable) options for getting visibility, whether you’re a maker, photographer, jewelry designer, independent artist, or something else entirely. However, you can’t just phone Vanity Fair and ask them to feature you.

Tips For Getting Featured

Hence, Without Spending A Fortune On A Publicist, How Can One Become An Expert In The Art Of Product Placement? For That Reason…

Here Are 4 Strategies To Get Featured In Magazines That Your Business Can Make Use Of!

Enumerate Your Dream Magazines:

Make sure to dream big while creating your dream list of publications to pitch before submitting your goods. Don’t be afraid to include Cosmopolitan on your list of publications to contact if you want to see your line of letterpress cards featured there. Think Harper’s Bazaar would look fantastic with your jewelry? Affix them. We advise beginning with about 20 magazines, but we also caution against following conventional wisdom. Despite not being very glamorous, consumer and trade magazines are a fantastic method to promote your company.

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Examine Every Magazine:

Now that you have a list of periodicals, it’s time to finish your research. Learn about the demographic they cater to and the structure they use for their buying recommendations. What kinds of goods do they typically offer? What is the typical pricing range? And how do they discuss such goods?

According to the advice of other entrepreneurs, “The more you study the magazine, the more comfortable you’ll be with it, and the more straightforward it will be when you’re actually pitching.” You may even choose precisely the part of the magazine you wish to display your goods in. Recall that magazine-specific pitches are preferred by editors over traditional press releases and that doing some research beforehand can help you establish a more personal rapport.

Determine Which Places Your Product Should Appear:

Tips For Getting Featured – It’s time to determine how your product fits into the editorial calendar of your fantasy magazine now that you have a copy of it. Every magazine takes a different approach to product roundups: some publish a monthly reader guide, some wait until a major holiday, and still others conduct an annual roundup (think Oprah’s Favorite Things).

The editorial schedule for the magazine may be found by performing a quick Google search, which will allow you to choose the ideal time for your product to be featured. Just remember that marketers must submit their pitches no later than 30 days before to the calendar’s “space closing” date. (P.S. If you can’t locate the editorial calendar for the magazine, you may obtain their media kit straight from the “Advertising” area of the website.)

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Is Good Housekeeping making February a month of decluttering and organization? Possibly the ideal time to advertise your stylish collection of diaries and notebooks! Recall that if you pitch on a subject, editors are more likely to respond to you, and if you pitch off-topic, you are more likely to irritate them!

Just so you know, most magazines use the same format for their editorial schedule, so you may guess ahead of time what they might desire.

Here Is A General Sheet:

  1. January: resolutions, weight reduction, and well-being.
  2. Valentine’s Day presents and travel in February.
  3. March: gardening, springtime merchandise, and clothing.
  4. Earth Day, green items, and tax advice in April.
  5. May: graduation, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day.
  6. June: summer-style graduation and Father’s Day.
  7. July: Fourth of July, weddings, picnics, and summertime festivities.
  8. August: return to classes.
  9. September: attire for chilly weather.
  10. October: Breast cancer awareness month and Halloween.
  11. Thanksgiving, holiday food, and presents.
  12. December: parties and Christmas presents.

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Make A Story Pitch:

Creating a compelling and sympathetic tale that resonates with magazine readers is essential to a successful pitch. Consumers are drawn to things that tell tales, and editors are drawn to items that appeal to their readers personally. You’re set if your elevator pitch both promotes your offering and offers a compelling tale.

And now you’re good to go! These were the main strategies to get featured in magazines! All we wish you is good luck in your future journey!

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