Fujitsu ScanSnap

Fujitsu ScanSnap is one of the many proprietary features rolled out with the brand’s latest scanners. These units offer the most user-friendly scanning experience available, and ScanSnap technology ensures that every scan is clear, accessible, and seamlessly transferred to your device. In addition to PC and Mac operating systems, many of the models in this series are also compatible with Android phones and iOS systems. This versatility means that ScanSnap units can be useful in various settings. You can use ScanSnap as a medical records scanner, install it in a busy law office, or discover one of its many other uses.

How To Keep Your Documents Private

User-friendliness is certainly an appealing feature, but it’s not nearly as important as the security of your documents. Luckily, you can enjoy both. You need to be sure that your files are private so that they aren’t susceptible to unauthorized access. ScanSnap allows you to do this in several ways, including uploading scanned files. Many of the scanners in this series offer internet connectivity so that users can seamlessly transfer documents to a cloud-based platform. Services like this are often encrypted, so the data in your documents are safe from prying eyes.

You can also use the ScanSnap download feature to store documents on your organization’s local computers. The iX1400, for example, offers one-touch controls that allow you to digitize and organize documents from your hard drive or in the cloud. While the cloud certainly has its benefits, it can also be inconvenient if your web connectivity is inconsistent or if you are apprehensive about the possibility of a cyber-attack. These reasons may motivate you to opt for a local storage solution, and a ScanSnap model can link straight to your files’ target destination. Eliminate the need for time-consuming file conversions and too-big email attachments by choosing a simple solution.

What Is ScanSnap Compatible With?

In addition to its streamlined compatibility with the cloud or a local hard drive, ScanSnap can pair with various applications. The aforementioned ScanSnap iX1400, for example, enables users to choose an app on their computer and scan files directly to that app. You can use many image editing and PDF management programs for this purpose. Once the ScanSnap unit is set up to sync with an app, it will appear on the scanner’s quick menu. This makes it ideal for anybody who’s managing a high volume of documents.

Indeed, the versatility of the ScanSnap makes it the perfect option for almost any environment. Busy students who need to scan textbook pages will enjoy the scanner’s compact size and easy controls. Office managers can count on the impressive workload that the scanner can handle. If you work in a fast-paced, high-volume environment, you should research your options before investing in a ScanSnap unit. Models such as the fi-7160 scanner might be the better selection for larger offices. See how a ScanSnap or another Fujitsu model can revolutionize your document management.

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