Automation Testing

The field of application development and automation testing is immense; it requires knowledge of various programming languages, testing frameworks, and additional tips. Learning through written scripts like books is not sufficient because everything is not mentioned in the books. Visual and auditory learning plays an important role, and hands-down videos are the best way to learn.

In modern times, people have shifted from books to the internet. The internet is full of various resources and the availability of information online. So learning and getting information on an online platform has become easy and a great way to expand knowledge in the testing field.

The internet is full of various resources and the availability of information online. The available resources can help you learn and grow your skills in application testing, especially the social media platforms like YouTube, which is free to access.

Automation Testing

YouTube is one of the world’s largest video-sharing platforms and the most visited website. It is one of the best and easiest ways to communicate with people around the world through videos. It also gives you the freedom to learn various things, and getting information on application testing is one of them.

There are various channels available on YouTube about software testing. Whether you are an aspirant or a testing enthusiast, if you are searching for the best among many that can teach you about software testing, quality assurance, or something new then this article no doubt is going to help you. You are getting here a  list of the top 10 YouTube channels for automation testing. All the channels listed here are highly informative and will greatly help you to grow your knowledge without paying anything.

So let’s get started with the best YouTube channels that serve people by providing and sharing knowledge about automation testing and learning a wide variety of topics.

When We Talk About Top Channels That Means it Includes Both A Single YouTuber And A Company Channel:

1. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is one of the most popular cloud-based testing platforms that helps you to perform manual as well as automated testing in real time. It is a scalable, secure, and reliable cross-browser compatibility testing platform ideally used to test websites & web apps. It offers you a combination of 3000+ real devices, browsers, and operating systems with their respective versions to perform web testing, cross-browser testing, parallel testing, and many more.

Other key features this platform provides are, multiple browsers, language support, auto-generate full-page screenshots of web pages on multiple devices, operating systems, browsers, and resolutions, and can be integrated with popular CI/CD tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab CI, perform visual cross-browser testing across different devices and OS combinations, concurrent test execution with reduced testing time and effort, etc.

LambdaTest also offers free guidance to all users through its informative videos on its YouTube channel. It also offers free access to various video tutorials and hands-on guides to help with the most difficult software testing scenarios. The uploaded videos focus on delivering valuable insights to advance your understanding and enhance testing skills. It provides complete knowledge about testing concepts and helps the testers to enhance their website and app experience with Real-Time Testing as well. From using the best testing frameworks to executing Selenium-based automation testing, it can provide you with everything.  Till now this channel has uploaded 370 videos and has gained 10k+ subscribers.

2. Automation Step by Step:

This channel is one of the well-known software testing channels on YouTube. It is operated and run by Raghav Pal, till now this channel has uploaded 1k videos and has reached around 4k+ subscribers. For enthusiast testers or those interested in learning software testing, this channel would be of great help and exciting to learn. Raghav Pal’s channel is ideally known for educating people by delivering step-by-step guides on automation testing.

This channel is quite impressive and an ideal choice for every individual. It provides a detailed concept of emerging technologies and practices for software testing. The videos this channel includes are about  Automation Testing, Mobile Testing, DevOps, Selenium with Java/Python, API, Jmeter, GitHub,  etc

3. Software Testing Material:

This YouTube channel is successfully run and managed by Rajkumar SM.  It has uploaded 85 videos and has reached 1k+ subscribers. It is also a testing hub for software testers with several articles around prescribed areas.

The channel provides complete tutorials and personal training via YouTube and also via its websites. You can learn and get information on automated and manual testing through multiple video tutorials available on this channel, as well as from various articles around prescribed areas on its site.  Another best thing about this platform is that it also helps you in preparing for interviews by providing quality videos on Agile development with MS Excel, GitHub, QTP, and more.

4. Mukesh Otwani – Let’s Automate:

Mukesh Otwani’s youtube channel provides comprehensive and informative videos on automation testing. It has 522 videos till now and has reached around 1k+ subscribers.

The tutorial videos on the channel are quite impressive, well structured, and ideal for beginners and intermediate learners to effectively gain and expand their knowledge of various scenarios of automation testing. If you are a manual tester and want to shift to automation then this channel would be of great help. The topics it covers are all-encompassing and useful for every software tester.

Videos uploaded in this channel are on Automation tools such as Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Maven, Appium, Sikuli, Jenkins, Git, GitHub, RPA, Java, API Testing, Protractor, Sikuli, Cucumber, etc

In this youtube channel, you can find videos related to Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Selenium with TestNG, QTP, MS Excel, GitHub, Sikuli, Agile, etc.

5. Naveen Automation Labs:

Naveen Automation Lab is getting wider recognition by providing videos of valuable information on software testing. By its name, it is understood that this channel is run and managed by Naveen. He is a Software Development Engineer in Test/Automation Architect who is a fan of automating everything possible in their daily lives. He is passionate about creating custom tools for efficiency/process improvement, building test automation frameworks from scratch, and setting up the test infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines.

By offering informative videos this channel currently has 904 videos and has reached 200k+ subscribers. For ease, he has also provided the facility of scheduled meetings in case anyone has any queries or needs guidance. His channel also offers online paid courses in programming, scripting, Java, and Selenium.

Some of the most popular videos included in this channel are Cypress API Automation,  JVM technologies, JMeter, Selenium-WebDriver, Different Test Frameworks, Python Tutorials, Protractor, Maven, GitHub, Interview Preparation, and more., SQL, Selenium, JMeter, automated software testing tools, software testing training, QA, and others.

6. Software Testing Help:

Software Testing Help is among the best and most popular YouTube channels available online. This channel helps the users to learn best practices to master automation as well as manual testing techniques. As the channel’s name suggests it is completely dedicated to offering software testing-based tutorials for learners and also for experienced testers.

Additionally, it also has blogs and training websites under the same name focussing on Software Testing and Quality Assurance topics. Software Testing Help can provide you with knowledge of detailed pieces of information related to testing. It also offers online training and courses on Software testing and QA training,

This channel is not new in the education business as compared to others but it is maintaining its place in the list of today’s competitive channels and helping a large software community. Currently, it has 34+k subscribers and 276 uploaded videos. Thousands of testing professionals and other visitors visit its blog site daily to enhance their knowledge.

Videos in this channel consist of Software testing tutorials, Methodologies, Manual Testing, Automation Testing tools and techniques, interview questions, Web Testing, Quality Assurance, Testing Certifications, career guidance, job openings, latest testing trends, news, etc.

7. G C Reddy Software Testing:

As the name indicates this channel is maintained and run by G C Reddy. It is amongst one of the oldest software testing channels that has everything you need to learn software testing. It is a complete paradise for testers with various tutorials and helps guides like job postings, software testing forums for discussions, quizzes, Interview Preparation, etc.

Moreover, it also serves as an information hub for other topics like Digital Marketing, Robotic Process Automation,  and more. The channel has more than 1k videos and 120+k subscribers and is growing daily.

The channel provides videos that cover multiple topics, like manual testing tutorials, Selenium basics, Selenium WebDriver test cases, TestNG, SQL tutorials, QTP/ UFT tutorials, Java, Software Testing Live Project Tutorials, VBScript for UFT,  LoadRunner, etc.  Additionally, it also includes important educational videos on interview preparation to help you skillfully clear software testing interviews.

8. Evil Tester – Software Testing:

This is Run and raised by Alan Richardson, a coach and a consultant having 25+ years of experience in Software Development and testing. He guides teams to Test better, Automate and Deliver improved Quality Software.

He describes his channel Evil testing as an extraordinary blend of skill, attitude, and simplicity to help software development teams to test and develop better. They shared his testing experience throughout the videos and adds summaries of the things that improve his testing to build and enhance the tester’s extensive skill set in software testing.

Aside from offering software testing tutorials, he has authored six books on evil testing, that include Dear Evil Tester, Java for Testers, Automating and Testing a REST API, Selenium Simplified, etc. Some of the latest videos on the channel include Test Automation Biases, How to Survive Agile DevOps, Generate Random Test Data, and more. Till now he has uploaded 351 videos and his channel has crossed 21k subscribers.

9. Helping Testers:

This channel is maintained by Vaibhav Singhal, it is an online community for software testers who aim to share knowledge and help each other. It offers blogs, video tutorials, and help guides for software testing. Providing important and helpful knowledge on software testing and helping testers achieve their objectives is its primary concern.

Videos in the channel are ideal for learners, intermediates, as well as for experienced testers. The tutorials mainly focus on software testing, JIRA,   Agile, LoadRunner, JMeter, Selenium, Security Testing, and many more.  There are a total of 186 videos till now and has gained 15k subscribers.

10. Guru 99:

Guru 99 is one of the well-known e-learning platforms that share videos on software development, testing, and automation tutorials which can benefit you to expand your knowledge. This channel has a huge collection of unique videos on software engineering focussing on SDLC areas.  It also provides multilingual videos on every topic so that everyone can learn which makes this channel unique and special.

It put emphasis on delivering skill-based training videos, and other important study material for advanced learning of various test automation tools and frameworks. Till now they have trained millions of people to learn new skills and get better-paying jobs.

This channel has uploaded a total of 228 videos mainly on skills training, Interview questions, Software testing training, HP LoadRunner tutorial, etc. it currently has more than 200k subscribers.


So, it can be concluded that Testing is a vast field containing multiple areas like Manual Testing, Automation Testing, API Testing, DevOps, and many more. Hence, learning to the max is the best way to expand your knowledge about software testing. YouTube is a great platform to help you improve your knowledge.

This article highlights so let’s get started with the best YouTube channels for automation testing to help you learn a wide variety of topics. Hope the above-mentioned list of YouTube channels for Automation Testing will be helpful for you.

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