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Canon offers interchangeable lens cameras with one-of-a-kind mounts and sensor sizes, so it could be intricate to select the exceptional lens on your SLR or mirrorless model. If you are not positive which lenses work together with your digital camera, we’re here to help.


Canon presently markets three styles of interchangeable lens cameras—and all of them use one-of-a-kind lenses. That could make looking for a brand new lens for your Canon camera a little greater tough than for different brands.

Here’s what to recognize whilst you look for a lens to use along with your Rebel SLR, EOS M mirrorless, or EOS R mirrorless digital camera.

Before you buy a lens, you need to determine which Canon lenses are compatible with your digital camera. The first aspect to determine is your digital camera type. For many consumers, mainly folks who’ve had their digital camera for a range of years, it is an optical viewfinder SLR.

Canon SLRs: EOS Rebel, x0D, and xD

Canon makes use of the Rebel branding for its client SLR collection, advertising, and marketing push that started out in film technology when wild-haired tennis celeb Andre Agassi changed into the organization’s pitchman.

The Rebel line lived on into the virtual era, swapping out a hundred thirty-five film cartridges for APS-C format virtual sensors.

Midrange digitals failed to use the branding, however, digicam lines from the 10D thru 90D, in addition to the 7D and 7D Mark II, all share the equal sensor layout and lens mount. These cameras paint with the made-for-APS EF-S mount as well as full-body well-matched EF lenses.

International readers take notice, Canon doesn’t use Rebel branding outdoors in North America. In Japan, the series is called Kiss, and, in Europe, Canon uses model numbers with a 3- or four-digit designation—the EOS 1500D and 800D are examples.

If you do not know a factor approximately cameras, you could tell an SLR aside from mirrorless fashions very effortlessly: it has an optical viewfinder and you can see a silvered reflective reflect inside the digicam when you eliminate the lens.

Canon EOS M: The First Try at Mirrorless

Canon’s different ILCs are mirrorless however fall into lineups with lens systems that aren’t pass-well matched. The first, EOS M, debuted in 2013 and works with EF-M lenses. If your camera has the letter “M” in its model call, it uses an EF-M mount.

This consists of the primary EOS M through complying with-u.S.Like the present day EOS M6 Mark II; other series just like the EOS M100 and M200; as well as the EOS M50 and M50 Mark II.

Model names aside, EOS M cameras are a chunk smaller all around than SLRs and don’t have an optical viewfinder or mirror container.

If you’re taking the exceptional lens off of the sort of camera, you notice only the brilliant green floor of a photo sensor, now not a silvered mirror as you will with an SLR.

EF-M Mount:

Canon hasn’t supported the EF-M mount in addition to its different lens structures. The employer launched the simplest eight EF-M lenses in total, although some third-party manufacturers like Sigma supplied a few alternatives.

The available exceptional lens tends to be compact and game noticeably dim apertures, so this system is a higher option for photogs who don’t need to spend masses on cumbersome F1. Four primes or F2.8 zooms.

The lens library isn’t massive, however, these cameras can use EF and EF-S SLR lenses thru an adapter in case you don’t mind setting a huge lens on a small digicam. If you’re interested in a brand new lens for your EOS M collection, click on thru to examine our picks for the great Canon EF-M mirrorless lenses.

Canon EOS R: The Mirrorless Future

The EOS R gadget, which uses RF and RF-S mount exceptional lens, is the youngest of Canon’s camera lines, but the clear route ahead for the future. EOS R launched in 2018 as a completely full-body platform, however, 2022 noticed the addition of APS-C fashions, the EOS R7 and R10.

In only some years. Canon has launched more RF lenses than it did EF-M ones. It gives purchaser-friendly options like the $two hundred RF 50mm F1.

Telephoto Glass:

Eight up and multi-thousand dollar telephoto glass for pros. As we mentioned above, EF-M and RF lenses aren’t go-like-minded, so there may be no upgrade course to EOS R in case you’ve sold into the EOS M system.

However, EOS R cameras paint with EF and EF-S SLR lenses via an adapter; the EF-EOS R is the maximum inexpensive alternative for armor.

If you have got a full-body version, stay with lenses that have the RF designation. RF-S lenses nevertheless mount on complete-format sensors in our bodies, like the EOS RP and R5, albeit with reduced resolution.

For example, the 45MP R5 vegetation pictures down to the APS-C sensor area (approximately 21MP in its case) whilst you mount an RF-S lens. Photogs with an APS-C EOS R7 or R10 are free to use either RF-S or RF lenses.

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