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iPhone 14 Pro’s dynamic Island has a range of features, such as watching notifications, monitoring call status, and more. Many 3rd-party app developers are developing ways to make the experience more engaging. This is the place where we can play the brand new Dynamic Island game, called Hit The Island, which was teased in the past.

Dynamic Island Game – How To Play “Hit The Island”:

The developer Kriss Smolka recently released the idea of the Dynamic Island game that is available for iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Though it was initially said to be slow, however, it appears that Smolka has eliminated the issues and has made the game available.

Hit The Island – Free Game:

Its size is 7MB and is a no-cost game. This game is founded upon the idea of the brick breaker and is quite easy to learn. The player is just required to hit the Dynamic Island using the ball when it happens you’ll earn an amount. To continue you must ensure that the ball does not fall from the paddle.

When you’ve earned 5 points the background will change colors and, eventually, your ball’s speed will rise. In the future, you will see two balls, and the size of the paddle will decrease as well. The app is ad-supported, however! Here’s a glimpse of gameplay.

Hit The Island – App Store:

Hit The Island game is available on the App Store and for those who own an iPhone 13 or lower. You are able to continue playing it, but you need to get the notches! It’s an intriguing idea that could make a fantastic time pass. Because it’s one of the very first Dynamic Island-based games to be released. You can anticipate more games similar to this one to be launched in the future. Additionally, other intriguing ideas for Dynamic Island could also find their way into the game.

If you have the latest iPhone 14 Pro or the 14 Pro Max, do try this game. And share your top score in the comments below.

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