Norstrat – If you want to read an informative review of Norstrat Consulting firm which can help and assist you regarding your business, here’s the complete report that will help you!


If your business is beset by team dysfunction in the workplace, poor performance, or an absence of a strategic approach, Norstrat will help you to solve the problem!

There are however too many consulting firms and brands available and, therefore, you must spend time deciding which is the best fit for your particular business.

That’s why we’re here to provide a complete review of Norstrat Consulting in this review.

Let’s Take A Look!

1. Norstrat Consulting Overview:

Overview of Norstrat’s

The company was founded in 1990. Norstrat is a 1990-founded company that has many consultants and a variety of expertise to provide. They are specialized in a wide array of marketing and advertising services with a focus on public relations.

Furthermore, this firm develops platforms for online use to help you run your day-to-day business in line with your needs as a business. They can also help you develop a marketing plan and keep track of different types of competition.

However, with an innovative strategy, Norstrat will assist you to make use of the power of your web presence and deliver amazing results.

Norstrat has also worked with successful companies like Radarsat 2, Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel, Radarsat Constellation Mission, PolarSat Mission, Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship…etc

2. Norstrat Strategy:

The company provides types of strategic consulting services, and is a specialist across a range of industries:

  1. Provide specialized expertise and skills that your company is lacking.
  2. Offer an external perspective to internal problems.
  3. Create a fresh and new view of customers or marketing strategies.
  4. Let you concentrate on the creation of new products and general operations.
  5. Help to promote and communicate the acquisition in a way that is practical.
  6. Use creative ideas outside the box to revitalize your business
  7. Offer training and resources to employees and managers.

Most importantly, Norstrat will play a vital role in the smooth running of your company. You can avail of a comprehensive package for promotion. In addition, they will willingly assist you to improve your marketing. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t give up, there are plenty of fascinating details waiting to be discovered by you.

3. The Norstrat Team:

About The Team At Nortart’s

Absolutely, all consultants are experts in their fields and have a strong network within the military and the government. This is because they have years of experience designing and developing new services for customers.

In contrast to other consulting companies in the market, they don’t offer an all-encompassing solution. Their value lies in analyzing each client’s needs and goals as well as adjusting guidelines and methodological guidance for the specific issues the business faces.

It could be a game changer for your company to get advice from an expert in the field as it will bring genuine feelings of peace and calm while increasing your chances of achievement. One of the greatest benefits is that you get real-time guidance from an expert.

4. Client of Norstrat’s:

If You Want To See More Results Without Looking Excessively, We’ll Provide You With The List of Clients (Fortune 500 firms) Below:

  1. Ultra Electronics Marine Systems.
  2. Saab Technologies Canada (via H+K).
  3. Raytheon Canada Support Services.
  4. Northwestel (via H+K).
  5. Northrop Grumman (via H+K).
  6. Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador.
  7. MacDonald Dettwiler.
  8. L-3 Ocean Systems.
  9. L-3 MAS (via H+K).
  10. Calian (via H+K).
  11. L-3 MariPro.
  12. Kraken Sonar Systems.
  13. Hill+Knowlton Canada.
  14. General Dynamics Canada.
  15. Deloitte.
  16. Cassidian.
  17. Canadian Light Source (via H+K).
  18. Babcock (via H+K).
  19. Astrium SAS.
  20. AlphaSights.
  21. Aker Solutions.
  22. Airbus Defence and Space.
  23. Canadian Space Agency (via Deloitte).
  24. Canadian Coast Guard.

5. Additional Training At Norstrat’s facility:

What about further training? This is a major highlight for Norstrat. They provide a wide range of employee training sessions which cover subjects such as soft skills including time management, and business ethics.

A lot of this training can benefit your employees, no matter if you would like to become a more effective manager or enhance your marketing strategies and help you keep up-to-date with the most recent developments.

a. How Do They Accomplish This?

Simply put, The Leadership and Partnership Programs are just two training programs focused on the development of leadership skills and strategies. These two programs are designed to assist employees in learning new skills and adjusting to roles that are geared toward customers.

6. Q&A

a. Why Should You Select Norstrat?

What Is The Reason To Use Norstrat Subtable Right For You?

In The End, Would You OPT For Norstrat? We Believe You Found The Answer!

Norstrat Consulting is the best fit for your business in the event that you require an effective growth plan that is backed by extensive experience and an excellent support team.

Numerous business and government clients have trusted them with their projects due to their unique ability in the areas of technology and communication. Norstrat’s expertise has broadened its capabilities and has transformed it into an indispensable resource for any company.

b. Subject Matter Expertise Of Norstrat:

  1. Participant in the 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition Author of documents about the Canadian North, and Northern Strategy.
  2. Conference Papers and presentations.
  3. A vast amount of Northern travel and connections.

c. Northern System Development Experience:

  1. BAPS Iceberg Tracking System.
  2. IDIAS Sea Ice Mapping System.
  3. MCOIN III is recognized as a maritime Picture.
  4. Radarsat II Arctic Surveillance.
  5. and Tracking. as well as Tracking.
  6. Radarsat Constellation Mission.

d. BDE Experience of Norstrat:

  1. Over $200 Million worth of Federal Government Win
  2. Campaign Strategies
  3. Bid Management
  4. Proposal Management

e. Project Definition Experience:

  1. The Arctic Sub-surface Surveillance System (ARCS).
  2. Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel (MCDV).
  3. JSS, or Joint Support Ship (JSS).
  4. Halifax Class Modernization / FELEX.
  5. Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship.
  6. PolarSat Mission.
  7. AIS-Constellation Mission.

f. Major Capital Project Experience:

  1. Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel.
  2. Radarsat II.
  3. Radarsat Constellation Mission.

7. How Much Do Norstrat Services Cost?

Norstrat’s specialists love designing custom-made packages as there is a myriad of factors to take into consideration: not just what services or products their company requires as well as the type of sector they are in, along with other aspects like size of business and size…

So, the company offers its services in packages that can be obtained following you submitting your contact details on the official site. Then, they will contact you with information about the packages they offer and the best way to help you achieve your objectives. The experts will collaborate together with you to develop a customized package that is perfect for your specific needs.


So, we’re guessing you received a lot of details regarding Norstrat Consulting and the reason why they are a great fit for your company. In case you have any queries regarding Norstrat Consulting and its service you can leave a comment below to inform us.

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