Developing Gojek Clone 2022Developing Gojek Clone 2022

On-Demand At-Homes Services have become an Integral Part of many lives. From Housewives to Students, and the Elderly, this On-Demand Multi-Service App is used by every Age Group. 

Want to buy your favorite Sundae with extra Nuts and Chocolate Chips? Get a nice relaxing Pedicure and Head Massage? Or, do you want to re-pile your Wine Cellar? This All-in-One App is the way to Go! 


KINGX 2022 is the hub of Multiple Services as everything is available under One Single Umbrella. Some of the most sought Services are: 


Suppose, a Taxi Driver is driving an empty car and someone hails at the driver. No matter if the Person has the Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App or not, the Driver can take the Ride by clicking on the Hail Ride Option on the Driver’s App. On the Screen that appears thereafter, the Driver has to add the Destination Address of the Rider. 

Similar to the Rides Book via the App, this Hail and Ride Trip will systematically track. And at the end of the Trip, an Automatic Invoice would generate. 

Multiple Parcel Delivery 

With Gojek Clone KINGX 2022, an App User can send more than One Package to More than One Location in the same city. Let’s say, an App User wants to send Multiple Packages within Salt Lake City, USA. The User first needs to select the Vehicle Type – Cargo Car, Mini Truck, or a Truck, depending on the Number of Boxes and their Size. 

In the next step, the User will have to add the Pickup Location and the Multiple Drop-Off Locations. After adding all the Addresses. The User has to fill in details pertaining to the items like Chilled Parcel, Fragile, Electronic, etc., Receiver’s Name & Contact Number, and so on. In case of errors, the User can tap on RESET. To proceed with the Delivery they’ll have to click on SUBMIT.

On-Demand Car Washer

Users can now Book a Car Washing & Detailing Service by Downloading. And Installing Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 on their iPhone or Android Smartphones. Registration via Social Media Accounts and Smart Login Setup with Face ID or Biometric Scanning, the App User can forgo remembering Usernames and Passwords. 

Online Payment Options on the App have liberated Users to carry Hard Cash around while also safeguarding them against possible Covid-19 transmissions through Banknotes.  

Zero Hassle Doorstep Medicine Delivery 

If a User wants to Order particular Medicines like Atorvastatin for High Cholesterol, Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism, etc. They’ll first have to upload the Prescription.  The User can edit the Cart before paying for the Order and selecting the Delivery Type. If the User selects Doorstep Delivery, a Driver will be soon assigned promptly. After the User picks the Payment Method and confirms the Order. 

The Gojek Clone Delivery Driver will drop off the Prescribed Medicines at the User’s Door if it’s a Contactless Delivery. However, to opt for a Contactless Delivery,  the App User will have to Pay Online for the Order. 


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