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Safety on the road is a severe issue for many who ride or drive on the roadways of India. Data from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways reported that there were 449,002 road crashes in India in the year 2019. This resulted in the deaths of 151,113 and the injuries of 451,361. This means that 17 individuals are killed every hour, and 51 suffer injuries because of accidents on the roads in India.


In light of this problem, the Ministry (Latest The Ministry of Transport Will Launch a Road Safety Navigation App) of Transport has announced that it will release an app to help with road safety to assist motorists in staying secure on the road. The application will offer real-time information regarding traffic patterns, possible road hazards, the speed limit posted on routes, weather conditions, and emergency services. The application will also inform users of any violations. Users regarding any violation of traffic laws or regulations like speeding too fast or speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, etc.

The New App to Launch

This app is built on machine learning and artificial intelligence technology that analyzes the information collected from different sources like GPS cameras, sensors, and user feedback. The app for road safety uses gamification methods to motivate users to adhere to road safety rules and reward users with badges, points coupons, discounts, or badges. Additionally, it will have an option for social media that allows users to post their road safety stories and suggestions to other users.


Android and iOS Platforms:

The Ministry of Transport hopes that the app will help reduce road accidents and fatalities. Fatalities and accidents in India by establishing the habit of road safety among motorists. The Road Safety app will be available for download at no cost for Android and iOS platforms at the end of this year. The app will work with buses, bikes, cars, trucks, etc.

The application is part of the government’s plan to make the roads in India safer and more creative. It has taken steps to enhance road safety, including adopting the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019, improving the punishments for traffic infractions as well as the beginning of National Road Safety Month every year in January, and establishing a National Road Safety Board to provide advice to the government on road safety regulations and standards.

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Google Play Store:

Navigation App

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Final Words:

The Ministry of Transport has invited feedback and suggestions from the public regarding the capabilities and features of the application. Anyone interested can go to the website of the ministry ( or send their opinions to c1******b6b@5*** (Latest The Ministry of Transport Will Launch a Road Safety Navigation App) is an online portal that provides Rajkot’s most recent news and events. There are also updates on games such as Garena Free Fire and PUBG India on our site. Keep an eye out for news.