Remove Negative News Articles From Google

This generally goes without saying, but the world today heavily relies on technology, and as technology advances in this contemporary era, more and more people get a hold of the internet. This means that if you have a negative article published on Google by some other author that targets your name as a politician, or your business’ name as an owner, you need to Remove Negative Articles From Google in order to maintain your reputation online.

Usually, this isn’t quite easy because word spreads like rapid fire on the internet, but to stop others from knowing about it, you can still remove these articles from the internet.

Remove Negative Articles From Google

There Are Several Ways And This Article Will Slowly And Steadily Go Through Them.

Ways You Can Remove Negative Articles From Google:

Try To Get The Article Taken Down:

This does not essentially mean that you need to go against the author and attack the author. You simply need to contact the writer of that particular article. There are different internet tools that can redirect you to the owner of a site, hence allowing you to contact the writer. Negative articles generally attract a load of attention, so it is obvious that the author or the owner of the site will not be easily willing to take down an article that is bringing the site heaps of views and money. 

This means that if you cannot talk your way through to them then you can offer them a financial benefit from a cost and reward perspective. Doing this would give them a reason to actually take down the article, and while it may be hurting you or your business financially, it’s a silent and quick way to pack things up and go on with your way.

One piece of advice we’d give is to not send the author of the writer an email, explaining that you want them to remove the content, better yet, call them, or send them a voice message.

This Is Generally Because Of Two Reasons.

  1. If you send them a voice call or a voice message, you will be better able to portray your feelings of being hurt, Hence you’ll be able to use the author’s feelings of empathy, You’ll be to get closer to the author and convince the author to take down the article as it is hurting you or your business more than physically.
  2. Secondly, if the author is writing these articles with the aim in their mind to hurt you or your business, then you best believe that they will use your email against you. Yes, emails are so much more convenient and they save you the trouble of talking to another stranger. However, if the author truly harbors negative feelings towards you, they will simply copy-paste your email on the internet, showing that you were begging to get the negative article removed. Hence proving to the people online that the article did in fact have the truth in them, which is why you’d want them removed.

All they’ll need is something to be able to corner you and use your words, in your own email, against you. However, if you call them or send a voice message, they cannot copy the content directly and paste them onto the internet. Hence, if they are thinking of exposing you, they’ll have to go through so much more trouble of proving that the words they used in the expose articles were actually said by you. This is why, they’ll be unlikely to use your voice call against you. So make sure you do not make use of email for this sort of goal.

Modify The Article Itself:

As we discussed before, the site will be unwilling to remove their article from the internet and if they also refuse to take the financial benefit, (because the article profits them far more than what you offer) then you can request them to not directly mention your name, or your business’ name in order to conceal the identity.


This would still bring the website its views as people are often attracted to negative news, but it would not mention you or directly attack you. If they refuse to get rid of your or your business’ name, then you can request the publisher to add a NOINDEX tag. This would mean that the article will no longer be able to be found on Google easily enough, shoving the article into the later pages of Google searches.

Noindex Tag

In addition, you can name a few positive things that you’ve done as a part of social corporate responsibility so that the authors can become willing to either decrease their negative reviews about you or your business on the article or agree on modifying the article and concealing your business’ name.

Google Internet Source:

While this is not enough, Google is the most used internet source, and if you get rid of the negative article from there, then you can stop a good amount of people from reading, hence allowing you to rebuild your reputation and giving you time to develop a new, better, and trustworthy reputation.

Surely it doesn’t need to be said that you cannot be hostile to the author or owner of the site. Instead, convince them by using your words, such as “I’d like to sponsor your website, but one of the articles you’ve posted hurts us as a business. We’d like to request a few modifications to the article. Do not fret, for you will be compensated fairly for your time and effort.” In these cases, words hold a lot of power; so always think about your approach and words before you contact the owner of a site or the author of the negative article themselves.

Push The Negative Article Down The Drain:

The two tactics mentioned above are by far the strongest and most effective ones, however, if these tactics do fail to work, then you can move towards a more expensive, but still applicable tactic. You can create ample optimistic articles and post them online by collaborating with bigger article websites.

This will push down the negative articles, putting them on the later pages of Google searches. However, while this tactic can work if a person Googles the exact keywords of the negative article, they may still be able to access it. In addition, this tactic proves itself to be quite expensive because you’ll need to pay for different big websites and you’ll also need experienced SEO writers and which will push your costs quite high.

Google essentially keeps a record of your or your business’s reputation, so Google keeps track of every article. This is why it is much more important for you to shove down the negative articles.

Be On the Lookout For Guidelines:

Though this may not be considered a tactic, but rather a last resort luck, you can always look for the guidelines of the article and website. If the website is seen to violate any sort of guidelines, then take that chance and report the article for removal. This is more sort of luck, that you’ll be lucky enough to find a negative article about yourself or your business that so happens to violate their guidelines.

However, this may be the last chance you’ll ever get so you might as well through the net and wait for the fish to get stuck. These guidelines work best if they have used any sexual picture of you or portrayed your brand name in an appropriate sexual manner. This is a complete violation and this will not just shove their articles down, but rather these articles will simply stop appearing in Google searches.

Hire Online Reputation Management Specialists:

Though you cannot be sure that these tactics can truly Remove Negative Articles From Google, they’re all worth a try because it is better to strive to maintain your business, than lose all the handwork you’ve been carrying out. If you alone cannot seem to find a way to Remove Negative Articles From Google, then you can lastly, hire online reputation management specialists who will give you advice on your future steps and help you actually create articles with keywords that will be able to push down the negative articles.

These online reputation management specialists can prove as a great aid. There aren’t a lot of downsides to this tactic, but then again, none of these tactics are perfect. Whether you can Remove Negative Articles From Google or not is not guaranteed in any way, so keep your mind open and make ample backup strategies if things do happen to go south and you become unable to get rid of those articles from the internet.

ORM Specialists:

As for the online reputation specialists, the tactic of hiring them is quite costly, but it is the only shot you’ve got at being able to Remove Negative Articles From Google before your business is permanently forced into a pessimistic spotlight; one that cannot be simply turned off by the flick of a switch.


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