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Note-taking is deemed a useful feature that the majority of operating systems offer as a native capability. Both the major operating systems, namely macOS and Windows, offer native sticky notes applications using which users can quickly jot down any type of vital information. There are numerous ways sticky note applications help users. For instance, they facilitate individuals to stay on top of their tasks and deadlines and prevent them from forgetting important events or programs.

Sticky Notes on Computer

All sticky note applications facilitate users to jot down important information and pin it to their home screen. Compared to other note-based apps and programs, sticky note applications are simpler and easier to use and manage. Due to this, sticky note applications are immensely popular among the masses. There are tons of top-tier sticky note apps readily available for macOS and Windows users, but the in-built ones readily available on the platform are preferred by most users. This article will shed light on the native sticky note apps of both macOS and Windows and list the purpose/uses and the benefits of using sticky note applications. Let us get straight to it:

Native Sticky Note Applications of macOS and Windows – A Brief Look

macOS – macOS’s native sticky notes application is called Stickies. The app facilitates users to create a new note or “Sticky” and note down valuable information. The app features a simple yet elegant interface and facilitates users to enhance their productivity. If you are wondering how to use Stickies on MacBook or any other Mac, all you need to do is open the app on your respective Mac, navigate to the app’s menu, click on the File menu, and select the “New Note” option. Doing so will add a new note to your screen where you can type or paste the text. Besides this, the app also offers users the option to add more stickies, edit or update them, etc.

Windows – Like macOS, Windows also features a native sticky note app called Sticky Notes. According to Microsoft, you can use the native tool to create notes and add pictures or text. Moreover, you can also format the text added in a sticky note and move them around your screen as per your preferences. Besides this, the app also features an option for individuals to change the color of sticky notes and adjust their size. Overall, it is a great native app that facilitates users to stay on track regarding daily goals and objectives.

Purposes Sticky Note Applications Serve:

Sticky note applications are very versatile and can be used for various purposes.

Here is A Look At Some of Them:

a. Creating Task Lists:

One of the most common purposes that sticky note apps are used for is to create task lists. Most macOS or Windows use sticky note apps to track their daily targets and objectives. Once they finish a task listed on their sticky note, they delete it or mark it as finished. This not only helps users track and manage their tasks effectively but also instills a sense of motivation. Especially whenever they check off a task listed on the sticky note.

b. Color Coding Tasks And Objectives:

As mentioned earlier, most sticky note applications facilitate users to change the color of the pinned notes containing important information. Thus, users can use this feature to their advantage by color-coding notes according to their preferences. For instance, if they wish to prioritize an important task or reminder, they can use a specific shade to signify its urgency. Similarly, tasks or events which are not very important can be signified by light colors or shades.

c. Brainstorming Ideas:

Sticky note apps can also be used for storing creative ideas. There are instances when users remember a brilliant idea suddenly and wish to jot it down for future reference. In this case, sticky note apps come in very handy. Users can simply write down a gist of the idea and carry on with their ongoing tasks. When they get time, they can review the idea with ease.

Benefits of Using Sticky Note Applications:

Here Are Some of The Most Prominent Benefits of Sticky Note Applications:

  1. Sticky note apps motivate individuals to be more disciplined. The more sticky notes an individual uses, the more they stay dedicated to completing the tasks or goals listed on them.
  2. They enhance the productivity of users. Sticky note apps offer users the perfect outlet to list their tasks, set reminders, and jot down ideas or other sorts of information that otherwise would have gone unmentioned. They allow users to get more work done in less time, thereby enhancing their productivity.
  3. Sticky notes prevent users from missing important deadlines by constantly reminding them of their arrival. Thus, sticky notes allow users to be more mindful and attentive.

If you wish to know all about the uses of sticky note applications and their benefits, refer to the points mentioned above.

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