Are you keen on knowing about UX design as a career? Or maybe you want insights on UX designer salary? You aren’t the only one surfing the internet about UX. There is an increase in people who want to hire UX designers or learn the necessary skills to be one. And why not?

In today’s digital-first world, there is a lot of demand for UX design. Experts say the UX career might grow from 1.5 million (approx.) in 2017 to a whopping 100 million in 2050. It means there is no time better to pursue a career in UX.

Here are the top five reasons why treading down this career path may be a viable option for you.

UX Designing is a Lucrative Career Option

UX designers get paid well. Across the globe, UX designers earn above-average salaries. For example, the average entry-level UX designer salary can be around $56,000 – $100,000 in the US.

With the rise in technologies, people use more websites, apps, social media and mobile. Hence, there is no shortage of job openings in the market too.

If money isn’t enough motivation to jump on the UX design market gravy train, check the following four compelling reasons.

Ideal Blend of Creativity and Technology

Technology is evolving every minute, every second. And so is the need for innovation and creativity. For instance, one day, you will work on writing front-end code, and the next day you’ll make creative choices like the colour scheme, topography and layout.

If you have been craving dynamic work that pushes you to use both sides of the brain, UX designing is your jam.

Offers Enormous Growth Opportunities

It’s widely known that the tech industry is growing steadily and will continue to flourish in future. As a result, maintaining a brand’s digital presence is no longer a choice; it’s necessary.

People spend nearly 2 hours and 51 minutes daily on their mobile devices. And as more people spend time online, the need to provide an impeccable user experience is also mounting. As a result, more user experience designers are budding in the market.

It’s Women Inclusive Unlike Tech Line

As everyone knows, the IT industry is widely male dominant. On the contrary, as of 2020, 53% of UX designers are female, and 47% are male in the US. It shows that women are making headway in the UX design field.

It makes UX design one of the only women-dominated turfs in the technology industry. So, if you are considering a career as a UX designer, the potential is immense for you.

No Programming Skills Needed

Another plus point is that excellent programming skills aren’t necessary. Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript language is enough to understand the product you may need to design.

So, if you’re among people scared of learning a programming language to succeed in your career, UX designing is an apt option for you.

Is UX Design a Good Career Choice?

While choosing a career or switching career paths is daunting, it has the potential to better your life too. So, which of the above reasons has your attention?

Is it the immense growth opportunities or the UX designer salary? Or perhaps the equal opportunities it offers to women?

Whatever your calling is – once you find it, leap and develop the skills you need to kick-start your career as a UX designer.

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