Imagine typing without touching your keyboard. That’s exactly what PCNOK is about. This innovative application transforms phones into keyboards, allowing you to write just as you would on a laptop or computer. This is not only great for people with issues with their hands or who utilize a physical keyboard, but it’s also useful for people who travel and aren’t able to access an actual keyboard. PCNOK is available for both Android and iOS devices and is completely free to download. Try it out and test it out – you may never write the same way ever again.


Have you ever heard that you could make use of your smartphone to use the virtual keyboard? PCNOK is an amazing application that allows you to do just this. PCNOK is simple, fast, and ideal for moments when you do not possess a keyboard that is physically accessible or you want to type quickly and with ease.

If you’re required to write an email or messages on your phone in transit PCNOK is the best solution. If you’re in search of an application that makes the process of typing your messages on your mobile more comfortable and more efficient, consider giving PCNOK an attempt. You’ll be glad you did.

What is PCNOK?

PCNOK is a groundbreaking application that turns your smartphone into a virtual keyboard. The application is compatible with iOS platforms as well as Android. It lets users type texts without the need to use the keyboard on the screen. PCNOK includes additional options, like spelling checking and voice recognition and spell checking, which makes it an effective device for input of text

PCNOK is an innovative application that transforms your phone into a virtual keyboard. With PCNOK you can write texts on your smartphone with as much precision and speed as if you’re using a real keyboard. PCNOK comes with features that aid you in using your phone and typing text quickly and efficiently.

What Is PCNOK’s Function?

PCNOK is an amazing application that transforms the phone into a keyboard. It lets you write text without utilizing the keyboard or touchscreen on your smartphone. PCNOK is able to detect when you’re typing and transmitting the text you’re typing onto the app’s server. The application then employs computer-generated algorithms that detect the words you’re typing and provides autocomplete suggestions. PCNOK also comes with an instrument for the pronunciation that can assist you in articulating foreign words correctly.

With PCNOK it is possible to compose text quickly and conveniently on your phone without needing to use the keyboard that is on your phone. PCNOK is also equipped with a range of additional functions including spell checker as well as autocorrect, which make it a great device for those who rely on their mobile phone for communication or work. PCNOK is free to download on either the App Store or Google Play.

Is PCNOK Secure For Use?

It’s compatible with Android as well as iOS devices, and it works with the majority of languages. You can compose emails, text, or documents right on your phone, without carrying around the physical keyboard.

PCNOK is easy to use: simply download the application through either the App Store or Google Play store, open it, and begin typing. The keyboard will automatically recognize the text in any language you’re using, which means you don’t need to learn new languages or switch keyboards.

Data Secure:

PCNOK is safe and secure It can help protect your passwords as well as personal data secure by encrypting them before sending them to PCNOK servers. In addition, PCNOK only stores information that is temporary, in case your phone was stolen or lost the data stored in your PCNOK account will be secure.

In the end, PCNOK is an excellent solution for those who need to type messages, documents, or text messages on their smartphone without having to carry around a keyboard. It’s simple to use and secure, which makes it perfect for corporate users and those who want to remain connected when on the move.

How Do I Get PCNOK?

If you’re in search of an application for keyboards that will transform your phone into the traditional keyboard then you should look no further than PCNOK. The app was created to allow you to use the phone to act as a keyboard more quicker and easier.

To begin using PCNOK to begin using PCNOK, download PCNOK via the Google Play store. Once installed, you can open it and choose”Settings” from the menu “Settings” option from the main menu. From there, you’ll be required to enter your phone’s PIN code to allow the application. Once this is done you’ll be able to select the language for the device or input type.

Virtual On-Screen Keyboard (VOSK):

PCNOK has two input options that include a Virtual on-screen keyboard (VOSK) as well as a split-screen mode. VoSK mode is the best option for those with a large-screen device such as the iPad or iPhone and split screen is the best option for smaller devices, such as one of the Android or Samsung Galaxy phones. In both cases, PCNOK will automatically detect the kind of device you’re using and provide the correct input mode.

After you’ve chosen your preferred mode of input you can begin typing on your phone like a standard keyboard. PCNOK will convert your entered words into equivalent text to allow you to continue to work without interruption. Additionally, should you require switching between different devices or languages the entire data will be automatically saved in the memory of the application, so you don’t need to enter any information?

Conclusion For PCNOK:

If you’re someone who struggles to type on a smartphone PCNOK might be the thing you’re looking for. PCNOK turns the phone’s screen into a keyboard that lets you write without touching the screen. With this application, you can type, email as well as perform other tasks effortlessly. If you’re seeking a simpler method of typing on your phone, then PCNOK is definitely worth looking into.

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