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Loading speed plays a vital role in determining the user experience and SEO profile of your website. It also allows you to build healthy traffic and turn random visitors into regular audiences. However, a large number of websites disappoint the users with their slow loading speed. As the attention span of digital audiences is reducing they generally prefer to close the slow loading sites and look for better alternatives. To overcome this issue several plugins automate the speed-boosting process by detecting and removing the cause of latency.

Here are a few plugins to increase your site loading speed:

1. WP-3 Total Cache:

Respected as one of the most trusted plug-ins for speeding up the WP site, W-3 Total Cache is loaded with some powerful capabilities. With its sophisticated CDN integration, it can significantly eliminate the latency and speed uploading time.

Offering optimized speed for a great mobile experience which makes your site more attractive t other ever-growing communities of mobile users. A proven track record of boosting the speed by up to 10 times Smart mechanism to use up to 80% less bandwidth without compromise on performance delivers. Fast speed encourages visitors to spend more time and also increases CTR. Over time it also helps in increasing the overall conversion rate

2. WP Super Minify:

One of the major reasons behind the slow loading site is the high volume of separate files. PW Super Minify smartly detects such files and combines them to reduce their size and streamline the loading process thus resulting in faster loading time. It also minifies the JavaScript files and inline CSS. To offer even faster speed this intelligent plug-in also caches the elements to hope your site renders swiftly. You can easily find this plug-in by searching the plug-in option of your wordless dashboard. Just download it and click on activate the button.

3. WP Smash:

While images offer a certain visual delight to your blog posts and make them look more appealing, they also inflate the size by occupying significant space. As a matter, your site takes a long time while loading. An easy way to reduce the size without removing images is to compress their size. WP Smooch automates this process and makes things easier for you. These plug-in hips with lots of exclusive capabilities that work in tandem to compress different image formats without hurting their overall visual quality.

As many as ore 1 million users actively employ WP Smush to compress the image and boost up their WP speed. Multiple popular image formats are supported like PNG, GIF, and JPEG. Detects and removes unnecessary elements like idle colors and metadata from the images. Seamlessly compatible with various other plugins. Allows for bulk actions and can compress as many as 50 images at nice.

4. Lazy Load ( WP Rocket):

Blogs with long-form content and many images generally struggle with speed issues. It happens due to the conventional process of loading where the entire page content is automatically loaded linearly. It simply means that heavy images or plugins can delay the loading of lightweight elements below them and it can annoy the users.

For that, you can go for a smart loading technique called lazy loading. This loading process doesn’t load the entire website but keeps on loading the images as a user scrolls down. So, even if you have tens of images right at your homepage, it will only load a few images present in the single fold currently which is being cruelty viewed by the visitor. As it divides the loading of the entire set of images in different folds, it can help in boosting the page loading speed and offering speedy delivery.

As the name suggests the Lazy Load WP plug-in streamlines and automates the lazy loading process. His smart mechanism helps in lowering the HTTP request and thus increases the speed.

5. WP-Optimize:

WordPress treats every single editing as a separate file and thus multiple editing can significantly increase the number of copies which can clutter the database. The same is true with multiple comments and spam messages. Along with these elements the unapproved comments also inflate the database and reduce the speed. WP optimizes smartly to identify such unnecessary revisions and remove them. It makes the load very light and well organized which increases the loadings speed. So, it is also regarded as a great tool to free up memory space. The plug-in also compresses images and creates caches that offer it a cutting edge over its competitors.


Speed plays a vital role in attracting, retaining, and engaging users. In that capacity, it also helps bloggers to earn good online income through blogs by building strong traffic. That is why the top bloggers and reputed global brands have websites that load in a jiffy. Have you ever wondered how such heavy sites with lots of media load so fast can while your modest site takes a much longer time? The answer lies in strategic speed-boosting tactics and tools. In this post, we mentioned some of the best tools that you can use to increase your site by up to ten times and make your visitors happy.

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