GTRacing Gaming Chair

Are you in search of a chair for gaming with sound? GTRacing is a well-known gaming brand that produces practical and comfortable chairs. Its GT890M GTRacing Gaming chair is ergonomically designed and comfortable to use very popularly due to its bucket-shaped style and pillow, as well as its numerous adjustable options as well as stereo Bluetooth speakers.

Best GTRacing Gaming Chairs For Home Gamers


  1. Add pillows
  2. Top-quality construction
  3. 90-165 degrees backrest
  4. Bluetooth gaming chair speakers


  • Assembly is required
  • Anxious squeaking
  • Unsuitable for larger users

The blue and black base design is $149.99. If you’re looking for additional colors, you’ll need to spend an extra $10 to purchase the GTRacing gaming chairs in black, white as well as purple-red, pink, and black colors.

In today’s GTRacing game chair, the test subjects tested the GT890M to its tests. What they discovered.

GTracing Gaming Chair Full Specifications

GTRacing Gaming Chair Quality

The GT890M Music Series from GTRacing isn’t exactly what you’d consider a high-end gaming chair. But they’re top of the line. It costs just $200 or less for the ergonomics and overall comfort.

The first thing to note is that the entire frame is made of strong steel, not plastic, which means that nothing is going to snap or crack in the course of a few months. In the seat the frame is sturdy and you feel safe, and it’s not too heavy that it’s difficult to move around. It’s a starred for finding the right balance.

The foam that makes up the backrest and seat is thick and of high quality. While it’s not officially recognized for memory foam but it works similar to memory foam as it wraps your body around the bucket racing style and then returns to normal after you’ve finished.

In reality, some may refer to the foam’s density as well as the overall strength that the chair has as being a little brittle if you’re accustomed to a high-end office or best gaming chair. We’ve seen this mentioned in several GTRacing gaming chair reviews. If you’re gaming heavily but do not necessarily need something that will keep you in a cocoon for the duration of your sleep.

Comfort could be a problem for bigger gamers. The seat-to-head height is 33.07 inches/84cm and the width of the seat is 14.9 inches/40cm.

However, PU leather (faux leather) retains the entire thing in place and is comfortable on the skin. We had no issues with stickiness or sweat even after a long period of play It appears that it’ll be some time before the material starts to scratch or become worn out. GTRacing will guarantee it for 2 years.

GT890M GTRacing Full Specs

Design and Colors

This GTRacing Gaming Chair is Available in:

  1. Blue and Black
  2. Black and white
  3. White and pink
  4. Red and Black
  5. Black and purple
  6. Gray and black

The GTRacing gaming chair features an ergonomic design and racing or bucket style. It’s a little like the seat of a race car. There are padded, raised lips on both sides of the seat, and on both sides of the back to assist in enclosing and supporting your body.

It definitely has a bright gaming feel. This GTRacing emblem is displayed across the head and on the support pillows. The GTRacing is not a suitable gaming chair unless you opt for the all-black and gray option. If you’re at home an office chair with speakers might not be the best option.

As with other models, there’s the GTRacing gaming chair available in yellow or orange for the M series. M series.


The GT890M can be adjusted to a sufficient degree that allows you to elevate the seat from the base of the wheel by four inches. The overall height ranges that range from 48.43 inches and 51.97 inches. We did not have any trouble getting the level of the chair using our monitor on the computer.

We also appreciated that recline is not just a rocking back-and-forth option, but that you can actually secure the chair in between 170 and 90 degrees. This is great to break up your game or change things up while taking a relaxing break from watching TV.

The chair is specifically designed to be used by gamers. However, it is ideal for podcasters, streamers, or anyone who wants a high-quality ergonomic desk chair, or gaming chair. It looks fantastic with similar furniture.

The armrests feature the highly-hyped ability to adjust in 4D. Along with shifting upwards and downwards to accommodate the height of your body, they can be turned left and right if you require extra elbow support. The padding of the armrests is soft but robust – may be designed to last, rather than provide ease.

GT890M GTRacing Adjustmentability:


To increase comfort and help counter the robustness of the chair, GTracing has two detachable pillows. The first one is designed to support your lower back, which is attached to the seat’s back, and the other one to test you on. They are made of a slightly softer foam than the seat itself and are actually comfortable.

But, if you’re familiar with adding pillows or are obsessed like us and are a bit naive, it can be a bit of a challenge to place them in the right spot for optimal use of the space they provide. It’s not a good idea to be seated on the back pillow however, you don’t need it to be so high that it sways your body off the chair. Also, the head pillow could provide great neck and head support when you choose it correctly.

It’s sometimes just easier to get rid of them altogether.

Gaming Chair With Speakers

Its GTRacing Gaming chair’s music collection stands out due to the fact that it’s a chair with speakers. If you’re not an audiophile and have been using your standard or built-in monitors it’s possible that you do not require one. However, it’s clear that this enhances the immersion. They precisely can target both ears simultaneously offering a whole new level of gaming and a somewhat more directional sound.

However, the sound quality is not the best and it can be easily distorted if the volume is too loud. In addition, they do not have bass and aren’t far from the high-end sound you prefer if you’re searching to purchase a GTRacing Chair to listen to music.

A low-cost headset or headset can provide the same or an even more immersive experience. If you’re annoyed or uncomfortable with headphones, earbuds, or the best gaming headsets, they’re okay. It is also likely that you would prefer headphones over a chair at work with speakers included, in order not to be a nuisance to other workers.

The speakers can be connected to your device or computer via Bluetooth and are able to be used for 5 to 6 hours before they need charging. The full charge could take approximately 3-4 hours.

You receive the USB cable to charge. It can be connected to the port on your computer. For faster charging, it is recommended to you should use a mains power adapter.

It doesn’t include the USB Bluetooth dongle, so you’ll have to purchase one on your own to get the sound of your PC games. This is an issue that other chairs with speakers do not appear to have.

GT890M GTRacing Speakers


The chair is not shipped fully assembled, which is reasonable given its dimensions. In truth, we were a bit difficult to put together due to the poor instructions, as well as the abundance of pieces. However, if you’ve completed flatpack furniture this shouldn’t be difficult to put together. Don’t overlook the fact that this GTRacing game chair comes to a steal for the type of chair it is.

We’re not sure if we went wrong with something or over-tightened it however we did find the wheel and the chair to be quite loud. Although it could be a bit off-putting for some, however, it’s not an issue for everyone.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Size


  • Length of the wheel: 27.56 inches
  • The wheel’s seat is 17.32 inches up to 21.26 inches
  • Seat depth: 20.47 inches
  • The width of the seat: 14.96 inches
  • Headrest to seat: 33.07 inches
  • Lumbar diameter: 18.5 inches
  • Widespread of shoulder 21.65 inches
  • Height of the overall height 48.43 inches, to 51.97 inches
  • Swivel chair: 360 degrees

While it is advertised as having a weight range of 200lb to 300lb limit it is ideal for smaller- to medium-sized athletes. The company also offers options for players with larger bodies.

GTracing Gaming Chair – How Comfortable Is It?

In all honesty, the GT890M GTRacing Gaming chair can be a bit uncomfortable, particularly when you’ve used one of the $20 ‘computer chairs’ that are available from Home Depot. But, it’s by no means the comfiest gaming chair on the market because it appears to have been a preference for durability over comfort. It’s best described as having a little flexibility.

The ergonomic pillows can help when they are suited to your needs and you can find them wherever you’d like them, but they can cause a lot of hassle.

We’re not going to overstate this point but. When you consider the vast array of furniture, this is an extremely comfortable and high-end option.

GT890M Alternatives

If you’re not convinced that the GT890M is right for you, then they have several other models worth looking into. If you’re in the market for a GTRacing gaming chair designed for reasons of ergonomics or for a chair with additional options, there’s something for every person.


In essence, it’s the same model that we reviewed we reviewed in this best GTRacing Gaming chair review. But the GTRacing gaming chair that has Bluetooth speakers has an extra footrest so that you can relax during your gaming sessions.

GTRacing Gaming Chair GT890MF

Pro Series

Much more affordable than the Music Series, and likely more comfortable The Pro Series is GTRacing’s flagship collection in gaming chairs. They are available in a variety of sizes and come in a variety of themes and colors.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Review – Verdict

If you’re looking to purchase an initial gaming chair, and you want something that doesn’t strain your bank account It’s the GTRacing GT890M music series is an excellent value in terms of price. Even if you don’t require the built-in speakers it’s worth the cost just for the chair.

It’s construct well, perhaps it’s a bit too strong and a bit too heavy, but it’s more comfortable than many generic computers and office chairs.

If you’re not a fan of headsets but are looking for more immersion in gaming it is a good idea to go with it. If you’re a bigger player or prefer luxury or comfort, you might want to consider something that is a little more costly.

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