Business Achievement Awards

Business Achievement Awards – Are you the optimal level performer? Do you gain accurate and desired results? What factors can motivate you to be an employee? In a recent survey carried out by the stellar business, almost the majority of employees claim that they can improve their performance by 15 to 20 percent every month but this improvement usually goes unnoticed and unrecognized. This percent improvement can bring tremendous growth to the company if every worker improves at this pace. This is not a ratio of 15 to 20 percent improvement in workers but it is a 20 percent increase in sales, a 20 percent increase in shares, a 20 percent increase in collections, and a 20 percent reduction in product costs. This twenty percent is worthy of acknowledgment.

Business Achievement Awards

The good news is that this performance gap can easily be minimized. How the difference between actual working and potential working stamina gap can be closed? The answer is hidden in the tracking, recognition, evaluation, involvement as well as measurement. When you will keep an eye over every petty and small detail, the workers will automatically have an idea that their improvement and performance have been tracked and recognized by the officials so, for gaining popularity and to be in the good books; they will try their best to offer as per their potential and Caliber.

The Above Mentioned Five Elements Are The Basic Tool For The Measurement of Performance:

These Approaches Are Called As P.R.I.D.E.

This article will guide you to the loos and profit statements while focusing on people for getting the required results. The practical method of P.R.I.D.E. is used to get employees involved while keeping your business focused. It is also necessary to keep the right things on track to get improved performances. Performance management systems which include P.R.I.D.E. has to be implemented after designing a clear strategy.

The present article throws light on the need and results of an effective strategy. After formulation and communication of a proper strategy, the system requires help regarding the direction of performance-focusing work. By reviewing the basic concepts of P.R.I.D.E., you can get the essence of business achievements in simpler words.

1. P Stands For Pinpointing And Profiling:

Business Achievement Awards – Every manager as well as the employee has a need to focus on the results, they have to bring out at the end of the month regardless of their position. P.R.I.D.E. actually, initiates with the performance profile of every employee. This offers a clear-cut statement about the achievements and basic actions required to get the assigned results.  when a profile is formulated, the key points are usually pinpointed to grab the performance targets.

The information gained from the profit and loss statements should be a motivational factor for every employee. The basic factor is the motivation for the selection of key results and informing the employee about the focus points. The example of a loading dock crew can be illustrated here. The loading dock crew has the pinpointed target of four thousand pounds per man hour. A specific force from the company contributes to the task to achieve this target. The pinpointed target can be called as effective if they rely upon realistic, agreeable as well as achievable, and measurable grounds.

a. Make Success Measurable:

Business Achievement Awards – In the book ‘Make Success Measurable’ Doug Smith has illustrated a detailed tool treatment to get the performance measurement. Mark Brown has also provided a comprehensive review of the pinpointing measures in his book ‘Keeping Score’ which also offers some excellent advice and tools for using measurement tools that can in return, bring improvement in business achievements. You can also review Richard Sloma’s book named ‘How To Measure Managerial Performance’ for extensive indexing of key results.

The performance measures have to be cascaded in all organizations ranging from CEO to every single employee.  the business units, organizations, and every individual should have the proper and realistic measures. It is always better to have organizational targets which show a balance of non-financial as well as financial Metrix. The balance should be as per the suggestion of Kaplan and Norton in their book termed a “Balanced Scorecard”.

2. R Stands For Recording:

Can you imagine your favorite team playing a match without a scoreboard? What would be the criteria for tracking their performance? In a similar way, business employees require scoreboards to graph the improvements and track their performance. The pinpointed information taken via P and L relating the key targets is graphed in the same manner as the player’s score is shown on the scoreboard. The performance targets are visible to the employees. The tracking and recording of this information are maintained timely and consistently. Performance record is visible to the individual employees as well as to managers to get their focus on the point. This process is necessary to keep the people focused on their targets.

3. I Stands For Interacting And Information:

It is always a critical task for making people realize their pinpointed performance as well as a target.  along with that, it is quite important to express what they are doing as well as what has to be on the scoreboard. Appropriate involvement levels of every employee are one of the basic points of making outstanding performance. The link between employee involvement and improved business results has been provided by the extensive applied research by Edward Lawler. The evidence of this link building is explained as a basic strategy in high-performing agencies as well. The CEO reports. TQM, reengineering programs, etc also prefer employee involvement for getting great turnouts.

The task of informing people about their performance can be done by using a variety of ways and time frames. An effective action plan has to be the cornerstone to show casting measurable results. It is also understandable that all key actions and targets are not immediately measurable however; it is usually better to keep the employees informed about their performance time so that they can keep a track of their performance and can improve accordingly.

a. Deals And Systems:

Business Achievement Awards – The P.R.I.D.E. program usually deals with the interrelated systems which keep employees informed about their performances and performance feedback. A useful report about performance management should be based on performance evaluations. The performance evolutions consist of performance coaching, performance profile, and performance huddling. It is a definite thing that the performance of employees will be improved when they know where they stand at the dashboard. It is also important to help confront performance issues and keep them on track.

The performance measuring graphs should be available to the manager so that he could use these for further action plans for the development of weekly performance hurdles. the performance hurdles mean that every employee got a chance to let the management know what he or she can do to drive the required results. The huddles usually focus on the key actions which encourage the employee to be on track as their actions towards goal achievement are properly tracked and recorded. The manager keeps the focus of employees on the basic action plan throughout the phase to achieve the required business achievement.

b. Basic Methodology:

Huddles have to follow the basic methodology I.e., to review the action plans as well as the present results with a focused discussion for the onwards action plans. The performance hurdles are usually the time for discussion on the effects of basic action plans in numerical. Interpersonal skills for example motivation, conflict management, and communication are the mandatory helping hands in achieving the performance hurdles. The role of the manager in all this scenario is to keep the action going while making a friendly environment as well as creating crispy discussion regarding the P&L results.

4. D Stands For Delivery Acknowledgement:

Business Achievement Awards – When employees get the P&L results, it becomes mandatory to acknowledge the employees who have met their assigned targets. The employees who have achieved all the targets not just P&L results should be acknowledged more than others. Delivery recognition plays a vital role in boosting the stamina and confidence of people.

Reward and recognition for offering a high-end performance is a key way to shape and maintain performance. There are numerous ways to acknowledge your employees ranging from formal as well as informal recognition along with monetarily and non-monetarily awards. The most recommended methods in this scenario are verbal praise and planned but unexpected acknowledgment.

a. Recognition:

The most required praise every employee wants to hear from their heads is the recognition that they are doing their jobs very well as well as about their role in achieving the assigned targets. However, the important thing here is that this message of praise has to be direct, sincere as well as specific not just a formal or general comment.

The unexpected but planned recognitions are taught to be the process when you deliberately acknowledge someone’s efforts at a time when they are not expecting it. This is the same as giving someone a surprise. the example of this planned unexpected recognition can be explained through the retail store janitor. A retail store janitor was surprised by the workers and heads of the store with a chocolate cake that was his favorite dessert. It was a surprise used to praise directly for his efforts of keeping the store and hygiene condition almost perfectly. The hygiene conditions and the cleanliness were the basic factors for customers’ attention towards the store.

5. E Stand For Enhancing And Evaluation:

The action plan and its implementation should be directed to the driving employees. The enhancement and evaluation are a gradual as well as a continuous process of fine-tuning and adjustments. The heads and officials should always be hunting for new ideas and approaches to pick the game up. If the present action plan is not offering the required results, further ideas should be added or rectified to make things work.

a. History of Sales:

Business Achievement Awards – For understanding, we can take the example of a retail store as well as the head of the department where a remarkable increase in sales was seen. After a thorough review of P&L results and the history of sales; the store had set a target which can be termed as a stretching target. The weekly sales numerals were available so they can see that the aggressive sales policy was able to attain the set target to a greater degree. The head has offered their sincere acknowledgments to the retail store workers and heads and requested them to continue with the same action plan which results in the 100 increase in sales ratio.

To achieve these results, the P.R.I.D.E. program was used and evaluations were made on the improvements in our working speed of action plans. The link between the heads, managers, and workers has been retained and the collective effort of the workforce has been added to carry out the whole program in a well-defined manner. This carrying action plan makes it work 100 percent which is almost an unbelievable target to be achieved in a limited time.


P.R.I.D.E. is regarded as the management system that helps you to get the high-end as well as required results. It is designed to help the performance to the level of potential rise.  the work expectations in this system seem to be clear with stretching performance targets which include feedback, evaluation as well as recognition for achieving the targets. The competitive advantage is created in an environment which encourages everyone to boost their performance criteria to get the maximum results.

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