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VR headset also uses wireless technology, just like Bluetooth Headsets. It is a gadget that offers virtual reality to users for improving visual experiences. It can be used for playing video games and also for many other purposes. The lens is the most delicate part of VR headsets. This part can be scratched easily, even if it is made of plastic, glass, or any other material. Replacing this part is also a challenging task because it is very expensive to buy. Whenever you accidentally drop your headset, it results in a few scrapes. These scratches are very frustrating and troublesome for users.

Virtual Reality

Sometimes people also face functional issues due to the occurrence of scrapes on the lens. But through the following trick, we may diminish this problem.

1. Firstly Clean Your Virtual Reality-Based Headsets:

Before fixing it, we must clean our VR-based Bluetooth Headsets. The lens should be cleaned properly to acquire better results. We need alcohol, a soft dry cloth, and compacted air. All the required things are very helpful in cleaning our device thoroughly. Compressed air will remove the dust from it, especially from the edges because it is difficult for us to remove dust particles from corners. Cleanse and disinfect it by smearing it with alcohol. At last, clean your gadget with a dry cloth. Your VR gadget should be clean and dry before starting further steps. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for us to diminish scratches from the lens of headsets.

2. Apply Meguiars ScratchX:

It is a scratch-removing product that is made to eliminate scratches on different automobiles. This is an adaptable thing to use for fixing your virtual reality-based earphones. It works effectively in this concern, according to reviews of many people. This is a very easy technique to apply for achieving your required results. After cleaning properly, you just need to cover your broken or scratched lens with this product and leave it for a while.

After that, slightly rub this liquid on your headset and keep your focus on harmed parts. Remove the extra paste from it with a piece of a soft cloth. It will fill scars and make them diminish. Some people also recommend the usage of toothpaste in this concern, but meguiars scratch is a more suggested one. Although scratch removers are a little bit costly and you have to spend some money on those products.

Besides, toothpaste is almost available at every home, and you do not need to spend more money. But the result makes a clear difference. ScratchX is more obliging than toothpaste in this regard. Suppose this tactic does not work for your device, so it means that scratch may be deep enough to be recovered. It is a better option for us to be prepared before any damage, and it can be done by considering the following tips:

3. Use Screen Protectors:

We have to keep in mind that care is always a better option than cure. We should try our best to protect the lens from any scar. This can be done by using screen protectors. A screen protector is a thin sheet of glass or plastic lamination that can be attached to your screen for defending it against any physical harm. These protectors facilitate avoiding scrapes that occur due to falling or abrasion.

It helps to prevent the stress of mending and revamping your device. Suppose you invest more in buying a good protector so you may secure your device from intense or extreme damage. There is a comprehensive range of shields available in the market for his purpose. We can easily buy them at reasonable prices. They are very effective in assuring the safety of earphones.

4. Check The Products Warranty:

Before buying any product, we must check its warranty and replace the policy carefully. It will be very fruitful in case of any damage to the product. We can replace the old headset with a new one by claiming this policy. Different brands offer many policies to deal with a problem regarding damage or scuffs. This helps to make the product more attractive to customers. Many companies also provide repairing services according to their rule and regulations, which is also very beneficial in this regard.


People consider VR headsets as quite a useful gadget but also a delicate one. This should be handled carefully to avert any scratch or scuff. This type of scrapes can be removed through some scratch-removing liquids, but sometimes they are very deep and cannot be repaired. The only option to get rid of them is to replace the lens. We can also follow the above-mentioned tips and ideas to avoid scruffs if you are looking for Bluetooth Headsets so you can find them at Amazon. You can enjoy quality headsets of multiple types like corded, wireless, VR, etc. at the best rates.

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