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You can make business easier, efficient, and great when you have ERP Software. But the problem is that is it worth investing when you cannot get the benefits from it to the fullest? It is also very problematic to see and to know that the specific software you used was not for your company size.

So, for a guide, we have provided you with information about the top 10 best ERP Software Solution Providers in NY, USA. Through this guide, you will find it easier to locate the software of your choice.

So let’s dive into it.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning which we commonly refer to as ERP. It is a very handy and important software that is newly developed and with advanced technologies. It manages an organization’s day-to-day business activities. These include project management, risk management, procurement, accounting, and supply chain operations. When managing all these tasks, an ERP makes your work easy and manageable. Through it, you can spend additional time planning, budgeting, and doing more practical tasks.

It is like a one-time investment, and you and your company can enjoy it further for longer times. The best ERP system is one that can manage all the tasks assigned to it. It should be excellent for companies of all sizes.

What is An ERP Software System

ERP software systems are the solution systems to manage a business’s tasks. These include accounting, finance, manufacturing, project management, procurement, and supply chain management.

ERP software systems can be both on-cloud as well as on-premises. However, both have their own merits and demerits. But the main advantage of the on-cloud ERP software is that you can access it anytime and anywhere and get updated. The workers and team members can also access it and do their work efficiently.

Benefits of Using An ERP Software For Your Company

It is very important and crucial for your business to have ERP software. An ERP Software aligns separate departments into one platform. It also makes your business grow faster with maximum benefits.

Following Are Some Benefits of Using ERP Software For Your Company:

  1. Installing an ERP System helps you do all the tasks automatically. It simultaneously lowers the management and operational costs.
  2. It has a common user design and experience, offering higher user-adoption rates.
  3. ERP Software has improved and has better efficiency than other software.
  4. It also helps you in improving your relationship with the users. So enhances collaboration.
  5. It has a lower operational cost as compared to the other software. You only have to pay for one time, i.e., in the beginning.
  6. It also lets you generate and get real-time information regarding your business insights.

Top 10 Best ERP Software Solution Providers in NY, USA

There are a variety of ERP Software Solution Providers in NY, USA. So it is quite hard to distinguish between them and check which one suits best for your company. Usual differences exist in them regarding their cost, capabilities, and the size of the company that suits best for them. So after much research, we have enlisted the top 10 Best ERP Software solution providers in NY, USA, for you.

1. ICT Systems LLC:

ICT Systems LLC is surely the best ERP software providing company the in USA. Experts have made this software by compiling all the successful ERP techniques the in USA. The software works best for all-size companies. It could be small, medium as well as large. The software has been designed to best suit a company’s operational needs. The trained personnel force at ICT is capable enough to perform all kinds of sophisticated tasks.

The best thing is that the software keeps customer service above all other things. So they provide you with software that is budget-friendly, easy to handle, cloud-based, and capable enough to perform all tasks efficiently and in time.

The Features That Make ICT Systems LLC ERP Software Stand Out From All Other Software Are Due To:

  1. It has an excellent Financial management system.
  2. Supply chain management is also very proficient and according to the current needs of people.
  3. They also help you in Manufacturing the Resource Planning proficiently.
  4. ICT Systems LLC software provides the best Human Resource Management system.
  5. It assists you with customer relationship management and builds a stronger relationship with your employees and customers.

2. Stimes ERP:

Stimes ERP has helped numerous USA-based companies for a few decades. It is famous for creating top-notch ERP software. The software leverages the work quality of the clients. They are also well-known leaders in handling complex projects like contractions ERP, Inventory management ERP, Automobile ERP, Real estate management ERP, interior design, material procurement, transport ERP, and even USA trading ERP.

They are also famous for providing cost-effective software. But its con is that it is only valid and usable for small-medium sized companies.

3. Acumatica:

Acumatica is one of the best cloud-based business management software providers. It has both cloud and mobile technology and a unique growth-friendly licensing model. Acumatica delivers a suite of fully integrated business management applications. It manages your company’s basic things, such as financials, project accounting, distribution, commerce, manufacturing, field service, construction, and CRM. Suppose you require an appreciation for subindustry expertise in financial services and franchise businesses. In that case, you should opt for Acumatica. Acumatica mainly focuses on industries that provide primarily professional services, manufacturing, distribution, construction, etc. But it has a con: you can only use it for small and medium-sized companies to accelerate their businesses.

4. Mizmar Technologies:

Mizmar Technologies undertakes different tailor-made ERP-based solutions for many companies. It provides end-to-end daily business process ERP solutions. Mizmar technologies are the option you should choose. It works best for small-sized companies. Mizmar technologies offer services such as Warehouse management, payroll management, procurement, revenue recognition, etc. They work best for the industries such as oil and gas, chemical, pharma-based companies, etc.

5. Oracle ERP:

Oracle ERP is also one of the best and well known ERP software solution providers in NY, USA. The main focus of it is on product-based solutions. They do not provide customization in their software. However, it works best for large-sized business companies. Suppose you search for Enterprise performance management, procurement, revenue recognition, accounting, compliance and governance, order management, product lifecycle, financial close, etc., all through a single software. In that case, oracle ERP is a better option for you.

6. First Bit:

The first bit is also one of the best software-providing companies in NY, USA. the software they provide is suitable for small-medium companies. The software is best suited for companies that require payroll management, HR management, sales, finance, CRM, inventory, and warehouse management. It can also help your company with purchasing, manufacturing, and other tasks. It is best suitable for industries like product manufacturing industries, architecture, engineering, etc.

7. Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Microsoft dynamics 365 is on a single technology platform. In short, it provides the customers and partners with a single user experience, a single development environment, and a single toolset for rapidly deploying new capabilities. Retail, manufacturing, consumer goods, service industries, and the public sector industries suit the best for it. Suppose you are interested in financial solutions with a heavy investment in big data/analytics/AI and a solution with a broad partner ecosystem. In that case, Microsoft Dynamics is surely the best option.

8. Deltek:

Deltek is a global provider of enterprise software and solutions. It offers services for project-based businesses. Deltek is used to research and identify opportunities, win new business, recruit and develop talent, optimize resources, streamline operations, and deliver more profitable projects.

Suppose you are looking for a solution specifically tailored to meet the demands of a professional service subsector like advertising, Government contracting, architecture/engineering, or consulting. You should choose Deltek.

9. Odoo:

Odoo ERP software is also known as Open ERP. It is the most used open source solution in the world because it offers the best variety of software for companies that are small to medium-sized. The best thing about Odoo is its affordable prices. It makes Odoo the most favorable and important for small and medium-sized companies.

You can use Odoo in industries such as Auto, Health Care, Education Sector, Marketing, Trading, Service Sector, Manufacturing, and more. It is available in both the cloud and on-site system. It is the most flexible, customizable, and rapid result-producing software.

10. Quickbooks:

Quickbooks is also one of the best accounting software in NY, USA. It is developed and marketed by the Intuit company. The software offers services for small-medium-sized companies. It is the most popular software used for its remote access capabilities. It provides remote payroll assistance, outsourcing, electronic payment functions, online banking, reconciliation, and more. It offers on-premises and cloud bases versions for business payments, bill management, payment management, and payroll functions. Quickbooks ERP software mainly focuses on the contractor, manufacturing and wholesale, Retail, nonprofit, and professional services industries. It is a bit pricey but offers great quality it.

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