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What is LinkedIn Automation?

According to the name, LinkedIn automation involves making use of specific software to automate the sending of connections, create/send messages, look up messages and follow pages and replace manual work. LinkedIn automation tools assist you to complete these goals.

The Process Behind The LinkedIn Automation Function:

LinkedIn automation is making use of tools that automatically send connection requests, follow-up messages as well as any other task you’d otherwise need to do manually using the platform.

LinkedIn Automation Tools For Lead Generation in 2022

Automation refers to the use of tools that automatically send connect requests, follow-up messages, or every other action you’d otherwise need to do manually using the platform.

Tools like Expandi make it possible for you to set your lead generation and outreach programs on autopilot while you concentrate on other areas that make up your company.

Here’s the reason why you should think about making use of LinkedIn tools for automation:

  1. They can save you time since you don’t need to manually connect to your prospects and send them connection requests one by one.
  2. LinkedIn provide personalization to mass-marketing.
  3. They will automatically create reports to track your campaigns’ outreach. In other words, you’ll be in a position to quickly see the percentage of leads who have responded, replied, and even converted.
  4. A/B testing is made easier as you can play around with different outreach requests and follow-up templates to determine which ones are most successful. responses.
  5. They can integrate with other marketing and lead generation tools. When you combine the LinkedIn automated tool along with tools for marketing such as Zapier and Lemlist You can create an all-encompassing method to LinkedIn marketing.

So, you are already aware of the many advantages of LinkedIn automation and otter pr reviews to generate leads.

A few of them are not equip with obvious functions, aren’t secure, or are simple to use.

You’re ready to generate leads automatically. It’s just a matter of finding the right LinkedIn tool to aid you to get there.

If this is the case We’re here to help.


Here are the best LinkedIn automation tools that can help you start producing leads by 2022:

  • Expandi
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Phantombuster
  • TexAu
  • Dux-Soup
  • Zopto
  • MeetAlfred
  • WeConnect
  • LinkedHelper
  • GrowthLead


Expandi is quite amazing.

It’s the most secure LinkedIn tool available It’s extremely practical as it’s available 24/7 on your laptop (or at certain dates, based on the settings you’ve set) and is extremely simple to configure.

The Tool Stands Out Features

What makes Expandi a tool unlike nothing else:

  • WebhooksWebhooks – With webhooks Expandi can be linked to other tools for marketing. You can also add Zapier with Expandi to make a powerful multi-channel growth hack that includes hyper-personalization.
  • Intelligent Inbox In the real world, let’s be honest, managing your inbox directly via LinkedIn is a nightmare. The messages are lost and you’re not able to filter them and it’s 10 times more complicating in the event that you manage multiple accounts. Fortunately, Expandi has a dedicated intelligent inbox designed to increase customer engagement and ensure that you will never miss a chat once more.
  • Dynamic Personalization Dynamic Personalization it is possible to send messages to people by using a specific variable. This technique goes beyond the ‘First Name or Company Name personalization that the majority of people will abandon. We sent out 42 emails through an outreach campaign and got an average response of 83% due to the dynamic personalization. Go through the blog post for more.
  • Security We at Expandi We take safety very seriously. Contrary to many other tools in this list, you will get an exclusive to a specific IP. And its local address when you use the tool. For the majority of LinkedIn tools, you will see a different IP every time you sign in to LinkedIn. And LinkedIn can detect whether you’re in another country every time. However, this isn’t an issue with Expandi. You are able to rest assured that your account is in good and in good hands.

Who is This Tool Used For?

Expand specifically designing to cater to those who hack growth as well as agency owners. And those who manage several LinkedIn accounts.

With an intuitive dashboard, and the ability to switch between accounts in just a few seconds managing LinkedIn accounts is never easier.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you’ve used LinkedIn to get leads quite some time the question will probably occur at some point in your head.

The Tool Stands Out Features

With Sales Navigator You have the following key characteristics:

  1. Advanced Lead and Company SearchFind the most relevant individuals. And businesses by using a search engine that provides prospects with more relevance.
  2. Lead Recommendations Find the best individuals with recommendations tailored to you.
  3. Advanced Filtering: Integration with CRM, and more – Save your leads and the accounts you’re contacting record sales activities, connect the CRM to make notes that you’ve made yourself, and many more.

Who Is This Tool Designed For?

In simple terms, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is intended for those who already use LinkedIn and who want to access advanced features.

For those who wish to take advantage of the LinkedIn network, expand the number of leads they are able to connect with, and close more deals The Sales Navigator could be worth the investment.

We suggest you purchase the software only when you know the ropes of LinkedIn and would like to advance it to the next level.

When you combine this with a LinkedIn automated program (like Expandi) You can get significant results as well.

We recently wrote about a LinkedIn Sales Navigator growth hack that explains in detail its advantages. Check out the article to discover how to make the most of the tool, if you choose to purchase it.

linkedIn Automation


Phantombuster is a no-code automated and information extraction tool that helps businesses create leads, gather audiences as well as automate their growth.

The extension is able to automate the majority of actions that you perform on the internet, scheduling tasks, automating chain processes, and much many more.

As of right now, it’s only working on the channels that are listing: LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

However, we’re focused specifically on LinkedIn here.

Let’s take a look at what the tool has to offer the platform.

Tool features that stand out:

Phantombuster is based on Phantoms that are able to collect data and perform automated actions.

Here are a few of the key aspects of LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn Network Enhancer Send invitations automatically as well as connect with a database of LinkedIn users.
  • Profile Scraper – Collect data (name, title, position, etc.) from a directory of LinkedIn profiles.
  • LinkedIn Messaging Sender Sends automatically personalized messages to LinkedIn users.
  • Automatic Commenter/Liker Automatically interact with specific posts from your friends along with the other LinkedIn users.

Who Is the Tool To Use it For?

Phantombuster has a plethora of options for automation and features hacks. However, it’s recommending to use it with the LinkedIn automation tool that you prefer. If you’re looking for fresh ways to grow your business and you want to reduce time doing a scrape of LinkedIn profiles. Enlist your target audience with Phantombuster and utilize a LinkedIn automatization tool to contact these people.

LinkedIn Automation Otter PR

Make use of LinkedIn’s LinkedIn AI tools to generate leads, create connections as well as book podcasts, and much more! This is the best method to expand your reach and be a LinkedIn leading figure.

Otter PR Reviews

Otter PR reviews have helped me achieve the promise of success when we first began working together. Everyone involved is fantastic. A reliable service that is personalize with a touch. We are very grateful for the effort this team has performed for our business. My company is currently in the third month since joining forces in partnership with Otter PR and has seen impressive results thus far. Jay, Scott, and the Otter team have become an integral component of our overall plan, your team is an engine! We thank you for all your dedication.

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