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It’s an arduous task to find the top Facebook Video Downloader compatible with the Android platform due to the thorough analysis of choices available. Facebook is one of the most popular video media sites, and many people want to download and stream videos on this platform. Statistics reveal how there are more Android users than iOS users. This is why most operating systems are built on Android OS. Suppose you’re a fan of videos and would like to add enjoyment by downloading an array of videos from Facebook. If so, you must know that the application can assist in downloading videos effortlessly.

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Facebook Video Downloader for Android:

Here are the top 10 Android-compatible apps that offer easy Facebook videos for download:

1. BulletSaver Video Downloader

Download all Facebook videos quickly using your Android Tablet or Smartphone. It can automatically recognize hyperlinks from web browsers, which means that users don’t have duplicate and copy URLs. Cost: Free

  1. The program generates lists of tasks to prioritize and then downloads the most critical studies. It ensures that essential duties are first downloaded, and users can adjust the priority according to the requirements.
  2. The larger files downloaded are divided into smaller pieces to maintain the download speed.
  3. It is necessary to manually add video links since most films are restricting to specific regions. Therefore, only a handful of users might find this procedure annoying.
  4. A buffer’s size may not be enough.

2. Advanced Download Manager

The app has received the highest score from customers due to its well-organized platform and its ability to download various documents onto your phone. It’s built using a multi-threaded technology that speeds up downloads for each. In addition, the cost is completely free.

  1. This program lets users download multiple files at once faster.
  2. You can download Facebook videos you’d like to download to your device in a few seconds.
  3. People have expressed concern about the sudden freezing issue. This issue needs careful attention as well as adjustments.

3. Get All of Them

  1. The application allows users to download images, files, documents, or any other media types.
  2. This platform is continuously updating and is supporting by all new formats so that you can benefit from unlimited downloads.
  3. The app is quite heavy, which means it will drain your phone’s battery very quickly.
  4. Errors are not uncommon on this particular platform.

4. VFD Video Free Downloader VFD Free Downloader

Price Free


  1. Users can download Doc Music and PDF and Doc documents simultaneously.
  2. It has a GUI user interface that is highly entertaining and user-friendly.
  3. The feature to pause the download can cause issues often, and users need to address it frequently.
  4. You’ll find many ads on this platform, which can be annoying.

5. HVD

HVD is a short form for High Definition videos. This application can provide precise and exciting information on your most popular videos on Facebook. This application was created to give users an enjoyable downloading experience.

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Price Cost is: Free


  • The user interface is simple enough for anyone with no technical background to use it.
  • It also offers faster download speeds.
  • Its aids in the easy transfer of files over the internet. It can also assist in offline tasks.


  • The app does not provide any updates on the process of downloading.
  • Sometimes, it cannot recognize YouTube URLs, so users must enter them manually.

6. KeepVidAndroid

This app can help you download high-quality videos in various formats. It also supports four more efficient K resolutions. Cost is: Free


  • The sudden failures are often described.

7. All Video Downloader

The app can be used for the majority of Android models. If you find videos you’d like to download, then you can start the process of downloading as soon as you can. The downloaded videos are stored directly within the directory for downloads. Cost-free


  • You can download multiple videos at once.


  • It isn’t possible to download videos from YouTube.
  • Infuriating advertisements.

8. Media Clip Video Downloader:

This excellent service provider comes with all the latest features and vast assistance. It is compatible with a wide range of popular formats for media platforms and supports streaming video with an easy management method.

Price Cost is: Free


  1. Its also possible to download pictures, documents, and videos using this application. It also allows users to download documents, images, and videos.
  2. It also provides extensive support to websites, allowing users to download videos without restrictions.


  1. Many annoying ads and an app to block ads create conflict when it is employe.
  2. Users cannot specify the exact location of downloads within this application. This is the most puzzling problem.

9. BlueSaver Video Downloader

This cutting-edge platform for applications is built using the most advanced technology available so that users can benefit from online tutorials on the best way to use this platform. Cost is free


  1. It’s a minimalist interface with a user-friendly Android style.
  2. The design of this app is impressive.


  1. The majority of functions of the application are interconnected, which is why users should be more patient in learning about the program.
  2. The overall download speed isn’t as fast as other applications for sale.

Video Downloader for Facebook:

The simple-to-use application allows for faster transfer and sharing of Facebook videos. The videos can save to your pc or transferred to a different storage device. It supports various formats of files and is connect to many video-sharing websites. It is entirely free


  • The download process is easy and quick.
  • Users can select the ideal place to store documents.


  • Common issues.

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