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Reseller hosting is becoming quite popular among the masses. However, it is a trend that is causing more loss than good, and people are following it just for the sake of the trend. Reseller hosting means acquiring hosting resources, bandwidth, and disk space from a service provider and offering it to the users. Most people take reseller hosting as a business and act as the middle party to offer service to the consumers.

Reseller Hosting Drawbacks 

On the other hand, there is a significant number of website owners who opt for reseller hosting packages for their sites as consumers. Mostly, the new site owners opt for such a plan as they are not much aware of the complexities and issues involved in the plan. The third parties offering the plan may sugarcoat everything and make you believe it is the best option. You are responsible for looking at both sides of the picture before sharing your verdict.

Dig deeper into the details of this article and get your hands on reseller hosting drawbacks you must watch out for to avoid potential issues and losses in the future.

Top 10 Drawbacks of Opting for Reseller Hosting Plans:

Reseller hosting is often not as much advantageous as it is portrayed. Numerous drawbacks and issues are involved in the process, which can undermine your site’s performance. It is not always right to learn through first-hand experience. At times, you should learn from the mistakes of others and make the right choice which limits your loss. Learning about the drawbacks o reseller hosting plans can help you make a wise choice.

Some of the major drawbacks of opting for reseller hosting plans you must beware of include the following;

1. Limited Server Access:

Limited access to the server is the first and foremost drawback of acquiring a reseller hosting plan you need to watch out for. Reseller hosting requires the users to access resources through the hosting provider. It can limit or completely halt access to the server, giving rise to numerous other issues.

2. Dependence on Parent Hosting Company:

Reseller hosting plans work by getting service from a parent company and offering it to other users. If you opt for a reseller hosting plan, it means you will be getting it from some third party. A major drawback of such a plan is that it will increase your dependence on the parent hosting company. The service provider will not be able to resolve your issues. You will have to contact and consult the parent company for every little thing or issue.

3. Never-Ending Complex Issues:

One of the most concerning drawbacks of a reseller hosting plan you must watch out for is the never-ending complex issues. Be it the use of disk space, bandwidth, access to the server, or customer support; you will get limited resources. Even if you get enough resources according to your requirement, you will face other issues, which will negatively impact the overall performance.

4. Poor Loading Speed:

Poor loading speed is one of the major concerns and drawbacks of the reseller hosting plan you need to watch out for. The reseller hosting plan has more users and stakeholders than a direct hosting plan. The bandwidth will also be divided among numerous users. All of this will negatively impact the website loading speed. The complexities and issues in the process will ruin the performance of your website and make you face the loss.

5. Complicated Customer Service:

Another critical drawback of choosing a reseller hosting plan is the complicated customer service. If you are not well-versed in technical knowledge in terms of hosting, you will need reliable customer support round the clock. However, reseller hosting plans are acquired through third parties, which might not offer customer support. On the other hand, the parent company will not deal with you directly, and you will suffer from timely and effective customer support.

6. Limited Profitability:

Reseller hosting often offers limited profitability, which is another drawback you must consider before choosing it. Most site owners think getting reseller hosting will offer them double support from the parent company and service providers too. They believe it will maximize their profitability and boost their site’s performance. However, it is wrong, and you will have to take responsibility for your site solely. So, do not fall into the trap and earn loss instead of profitability.

7. Complicated Features:

Another common drawback of reseller hosting plans you must be aware of is that it has complicated features. Reseller hosting plans are not as simple as some shared or dedicated hosting plans. Moreover, the service provider will not take care of every little detail of migration and installation for you. You will need technical knowledge and expertise to set up the system and get your site running. If you are not confident about handling it, do not go for reseller hosting plans.

8. Changing Web Host is Complicated:

Another critical drawback of choosing a reseller hosting plan is that changing the web host is complicated. Once you have opted for such a package, installation and settling down will be tricky. However, if you decide to quit the package and move to another host, migration will be too complicated. You will have to deal with the third party, as well as the parent company, to get everything sorted. Still, there are chances your site will face downtime, so decide carefully in the first place.

9. Scalability is Challenging:

Another crucial drawback of choosing a reseller hosting plan for your website is that scalability is a real challenge. Your website can grow out of the available resources, and you can require an upgrade and scalability. However, the third-party service provider may not be able to secure enough resources to offer your scalability. In such a situation, you will have to compromise with available resources, which can hinder the performance and functioning of your site.

10. Poor Cost Efficiency:

Poor cost efficiency is the last but most triggering drawback of opting for a reseller hosting plan. You might have picked it to enjoy limited cost and expense in the first place. However, the service is often not up to par, and you will earn more loss than profit or benefits. This, in turn, will negatively impact your cost efficiency.

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Do You Have Any Ambiguities About The Reseller Hosting Plan?

You might not be satisfied with the description of drawbacks or have developed more confusion about reseller hosting. Instead of committing the mistake of opting for the package to learn about the mistakes, it is much better to get a consultation with the experts and explore all the ins and outs of the plan. Feel free to get in touch with professional hosting service providers like HostingMENA to clear all your ambiguities and get answers to all your concerns.

You can also consult the experts about the suitable hosting options for your site and pick the most reliable package. You can also opt for a managed hosting plan and let the experts take care of all the technical details while you enjoy a smooth and successfully running website.

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