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When the utilization of gaming laptops is on the top of the gaming market, mobiles are the ones that came for their replacement. But now biggest gaming industries and companies are coming up with some of the most advanced forms of laptops that are for sure the future of gaming. With a desktop, you need to get a lot of accessories like mechanical keyboards, and fans for cooling, customizable graphic cards with extreme specifications, and many more. But companies are working on laptops to provide all of these things within the range of getting laptops, and that is making it easier for gamers to access all of their required accessories.

Best Gaming Laptops

Here is the list of the best gaming laptops that come into the market this year.

1. Dell G5:

This laptop is getting a lot of sales due to its remarkable speed and effective specifications. The best thing about Dell G5 is that it gives you a display of 15.60 inches which is a little bigger than most of the laptops that we see in the market. The processor that comes with is Core i7 with the built-in RAM of 16 GB which is the reason for its faster response rate.

Dell G5

It does not give you the option of a built-in hard disk, but the SSD that it contains is 256 GB. If we talk about a graphic card that is the biggest concern of gamers, this laptop contains NVidia GeForce 1050 Ti which is like the extreme version graphics. These are the specifications that make it one of the most purchasable gaming laptops in 2021.


Just when gamers thought that they are having the best version of a gaming laptop, RAZER BLADE comes with its PRO 17. It has a processor of Intel Core i7 with a large display of 17.3 inches. This laptop produces immersive gameplay and extreme quality visuals due to its graphic card that is of RTX 30 series from NVidia.

It gives the refreshing rate of 360 Hz that, in other words, helps you to play your games without any lagging issues. With Wi-Fi, 6E gives one of the strongest connectivity ports to show you effective results in playing games without any loss of connectivity.

3. RAZER BLADE Stealth 13:

This model from RAZER gaming might have less specification in visualization due to its resolution of 1080p resolution. But even with this, it has a 4K touch display with a responsive refresh rate of 120 Hz. The finishing on the top side screen is of FHD matte, which makes the glass stronger.

RAZER BLADE Stealth 13

If we talk about the processor, it has the same specification as PRO 17 because it also includes a Core i7 Intel processor. The Graphic card in this system is from NVidia GTX 1650 Ti which is a lot even if you are utilizing it for high-level gaming. This is one of the models that contain both portability and style to give one of the most effective performances for gaming needs.


15 Advanced is one of the top gaming laptop models of RAZER BLADE. If we talk about the processor of this laptop, it has the CPU of core i7 Intel with 2.2 HZ of 8th generation. The turbo speed that it can go to is 4.1 GHz, and the number of cores available in it is 6. In the resolution, it beats the stealth 13 with 1920*1080 resolutions.

It is one of the systems in which you will able to see the option of widescreen, which is mostly portable when you are buying a gaming PC, and you have to pay a lot on that. The built-in SSD hard drive is capable of storing up to 512 GB of data which is enough even if you are an all-time gamer.

5. Alien Ware Area 51M:

Alien Ware Area 51M

Alien Ware launches its area 51M with a powerful processor of core i5 of 10th generation with a huge display of 17.30 inches and of 1920*1080 availability of resolution. When big brands are reducing their accessories like chargers, and jackets, this laptop is capable of giving you the option of the headset and a Mic combo jacket that you can utilize for intense gaming. For effective network connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi standards of 802.11. This has been one of the most purchasable laptops in the market this year.

6. ASUS ROG G14:

ASUS is one of the top brands in the gaming industry that gives every accessory regarding gaming and not just common accessories, but it also gives them specifications that are not comparable to any other device. Even with its 14-inch display, ASUS ROG G14 is one of the strongest gaming laptops in the world. It holds the GeForce RTX of 2060 GPU that is effective for gaming and daily routine multi-tasking and utilization as well.

Its design has a sleek retro presentation that is quite appealing with one of the most comfortable touchpads and a keyboard that you do not have to attach any kind of mechanical keyboard with it. It gives a built-in SSD of 1 TB with 16 GB of RAM. These specs are the reasons why it is one of the best gaming laptops in the world.

7. ASUS ROG G15:

Even with the great success of G14, gamers thought that they had seen the best gaming laptop; ASUS does not stop and launches its G15, which is effective even from its previous version. Where the old version has 14 inches display, it has 15. Even with the considerable price, it gives you the option of having an RTX 3060 GPU, which is like you are gaming in real life.

ASUS also works a lot on gaming and which is why G15 has all-day battery life. It is very lightweight and portable, so you can take it anywhere at any time. It can go up to provide 32 GB of RAM with 1 TB SSD that makes it one of the fastest gaming laptops in the market right now.


All of these laptop manufacturing companies have made it a lot easier for gamers to get all of their required technologies within a shorter budget than a customizable PC. Some are also launching their own accessories like mouse, keyboards, controllers, and many more to encourage gamers to come to the future by using their products. One thing that is common in all of these systems is that they give you an interface that is nearly true to life. And this is the one thing that gamers are looking out for throughout their life.

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