Sennheiser Bluetooth Headsets

Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets come with stunning and charming features. They transmit a good and clear voice while also receiving high-quality sound. Sennheiser bluetooth headsets have gained popularity in the market industry these days. The amazing features of Sennheiser headsets do not mean that they do not have some drawbacks. In fact, they do.

Here we are going to enlist some of the reasons why Sennheiser bluetooth headsets are hated by your boss:

1) Poor Charging Battery:

Sennheiser Bluetooth Headsets are the ones that do not need additional wires or cords to get attached to the devices. Sennheiser headphones can get connected through wireless connections. That is why their battery should be charged, or else they will not perform their function.

This is just one aspect of Sennheiser headsets. The manufacturing companies of Sennheiser bluetooth headsets assure long hours of battery life. This is exactly not the truth. Often people charge Sennheiser headsets for a longer time, and even then, they cannot be used consecutively. They have a poor charging battery and battery life.

Their battery drops dead with ongoing phone calls, gaming tournaments, and whatnot. If the battery drops dead, it often disconnects the ongoing phone call. If this happens on the professional level, it sounds rude. This feature frustrates most people.

2) Unstable Connectivity:

Different companies are manufacturing Sennheiser bluetooth headsets. From Panasonic Bluetooth Headsets to turtle beach, all come in more or less with similar features. Sennheiser bluetooth headset come with so many features like they do not need cords to get connected with devices.

This feature provides so many benefits and advantages to the users. They help them to move freely while being connected to the device. This way, they can multi-task even during a business conference call.

But Sennheiser headphones come with a certain range within which they can provide a stable connection. When employees exceed such a limit or come out of that range during a call, then it causes problems. That is why they are not loved by the employees or boss.

3) Bulky and Heavyweight Headsets:

The Turtle Beach Bluetooth headsets are famous among gamers. Gamers use Sennheiser gaming headphones for professional tournaments. More than one speaker is integrated inside the earcups, which help in providing a soundscape. They give out a natural yet enhanced sound experience to gamers.

Besides exceptional sound quality, one major drawback of these headphones is their heavyweight. They are bulky, so they do not sit still on the head. This way, they do not fit to the ears. Users have to spend the whole time fixing these headsets appropriately.

When employees of the office have to deal with something like this, they do not stay focus. This compromises their productivity. This is one of the reasons why the boss does not like to purchase such heavyweight and bulky headsets.

4) Less Noise-Cancelling Ability:

The wireless headsets have a built-in microphone that is integrated with noise-canceling technology. Besides this, the speakers are also built with such technologies and software.

This makes sure that not only a user can hear superior sound quality but also transmit a noise-free voice. The active noise cancellation helps in suppressing and neutralizing the ambient voices. But this is not the case. The background voices or noises do not get suppressed completely.

Sennheiser bluetooth headset fail to provide isolation to the gamers in a challenging environment. Moreover, using them, employees cannot deal with the clients in peace. That is why professional gamers are not purchasing such kinds of headsets.

5) Not Moisture–Resistant:

The wireless headset come in different styles. One of the most famous designs is over the head. This headset comes with bug ear cups which are covered in leatherette. It is a soft material that does not harm the ears or provide discomfort. But it is not breathable.

This means that air cannot pass from such ear cups. Wearing it for long hours, it can make your ears hot and cause sweat. These headsets are not moisture-resistant. So, sweat can damage these headsets very easily and irreversibly. Not only does sweat make the use more uncomfortable, but it destroys the headset as well.

6) Easy To Get Damaged:

The Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets are not made out of sturdy materials. Often plastic is used for the manufacturing of the structure of headphones. This makes them inevitable to damage. They are not resistant to physical stress or pressure. Even exposure to moisture can damage these headsets. They are not long-lasting or effective solutions.

In the case of wired headsets, cords are the ones that are prone to get damaged. But in wireless headphones, little stress, pressure, or moisture is enough to destroy them. So, extreme care and attention are required when you purchase these kinds of headsets.

Final Words:

Some of their aspects make them ineffective to use. So, before purchasing them, you need to think carefully and thoroughly. To get high-quality and top-notch headphones, you can contact Techtimemagazine online.

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