Powerful Technology

The current era is often referred to as the time of inventions and technology. Technology holds a unique place in our lives since it has affected various aspects of our lives. Today it is impossible to imagine their life without the latest technological innovations. As the world has become more globalized, the way things work has changed.

Powerful Technology:

Today, the most powerful technology, i.e., the Internet, is the primary source of technology that meets our modern-day needs to the most basic, minimal, and other demands. From our work to our shopping habits, everything depends on technology. As per Lamar Van Dusen, technology has freshly transformed life. We must keep up with the advancements in technology to enhance our lives.

Lamar Van Dusen throws light on the Epidemic period that brought an enormous boost to online forums and technology. It’s a well-known fact that during times of pandemic, the entire world was shifted to online platforms that gave the technology of the Internet increasing popularity. To present your products and services to prospective customers, all need to have essential and professional aspects of selling and presentation online.

Digital Marketing:

The information ranges from online shopping to digital marketing. Mr. Dusen shares his thoughts on technology, as it has changed how we live to improve the quality of life. Technology is the language of modern humans. If someone is more open to technology, They are more likely to regards as more productive. Like that, the more technologically advanced gadgets one can install in their homes, their lifestyle is considered luxurious. Lamar Van Dusen has described some of the crucial aspects of technology that have transformed the human race. These aspects are depicts in the following passages:

Technology Has Altered The Method of Communication:

Technology has advanced in terms of mode of communication; what does this term mean? When we think back to the time when the Internet wasn’t accessible. What is the method of communication using by people? They used to get together with one another on various occasions. Those who reside in distant places or countries can’t talk to relatives.

Gadget of Technology:

The only way to connect was through letters which took many days and months to get to the destination. Today What is the method of communication? Open the gadget of technology at hand, I.e., the mobile. Within the mobile, you will find numerous apps, and, without waiting even a moment, you can instantly and immediately contact your friend. You can make voice calls, video messages, calls, notes, emails, and various other options that can now connect you to the desired person that person is thousands of miles away.

Business Support:

This fact is not a surprise, according to Mr. Lamar Van Dusen. Communication is the most critical aspect of success in any sector. The quicker communication speed, the better chance of success you’ll have. Thanks to technological advancements, it is possible to connect with employees and business owners anywhere. Meetings can held in online forums, solve problems, help people work at home, etc. Technology has provided a positive and fresh direction to the business world.

Legal Work:

Legal jobs and law enforcement agencies are the most significant benefits of the latest technology. The older methods gave the criminals a considerable advantage in hiding and ensuring that the law was regulated according to their needs.

In our modern world, with the aid of technology, we can identify a criminal. With the help of CCTV cameras, all evidence is accessible, and the footage of crime scenes is visible. With the adjective app, it is possible to locate the perpetrator. Even if he is fled from the police or is hiding. Digital FIRs are the only way to ensure there is no way to alter the date. With the help of databases, you can look through the communications of terrorists anywhere in the world. Technology allows you to report crimes using mobile phones and other applications immediately. Through the forensic test, you will discover the hidden facts as well.


Many security advancements are made by technology, including the physical protection of our homes, cyber thefts, camera-based security, and more. We can look through the eyes hole the person in front of our gates and communicates with him wirelessly, monitors his actions through cameras, and gain access to whether he’s carrying a weapon. Let him traverse through sensors. It is also possible to reduce the possibility of kidnapping a child by using a blue tooth watch that always lets us check the child’s actions. We can visit offices and even homes with blue tooth cameras and observe the activities.


The research process is receiving an enormous boost with the aid of technology. Students can have the work completed anywhere around the globe. They do not need to look for books and purchase high-priced textbooks since everything is on the Internet. You can also obtain the plagiarism ratio and collaborate with other individuals working on similar projects and ideas, and much more.

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