impact of technology

The present age of inventions and innovations has changed every dynamic of life. Technology has affected human life to a great extent. The effects of this technology are both positive and negative. If we compare both impacts. According to Charles Michael Vaughan. The positive Effects weights higher than the adverse effects. Technology has changed the mode of life. From educational department to industrial. Development. Everything has revolutionized and. Innovation has been made in almost every sphere of life.

Impact of Technology

In the present article, we will Discuss The Impact of technology on various fears in life, as discussed by Charles Michael Vaughn. He has explicitly discussed educational, industrial, and advertising fields where technology has dramatically benefited business owners. The area of Healthcare is also greatly benefited from technological inventions, but the actual run Revolution has done in the field of education, industry, and marketing.


In education, the Impact of technology is more significant than anyone has ever expected. Digital classes, courses, universities, and digital schooling have changed the whole concept of schooling and education. During the corona epidemic times, the real benefit of technology is exhibit to the people. Many schools, colleges, and universities have started online classes in the educational department and have taken online exams. This use of technology has enabled students to complete their courses and education on time without any wastage.

Benefit of Technology

The second benefit of technology in the educational department is online or digital courses by Charles Michael Vaughn. These courses are held by different universities that are also online. Any student anywhere in the world can be admitted to these universities. The tutor sitting in any part of the world can teach them about his experience in an attractive and catchy manner. Another benefit of technology in the educational department. There can never avoid the presentation of information. Modern technology has presented the students with a lot more information. This presentation of data has enabled students to search and study independently. They do not specifically need a teacher and a traditional schooling system to complete their education and information.

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

The Impact of technology In industrial fields is also unforgettable. In the industrial area, the introduction of artificial intelligence has done marvels. Artificial intelligence is the robotic technique of inserting human memory and human experience into robots in the form of data. These robots understand the human commands and act in its accordance.

With the help of artificial intelligence, big industries like cars, trucks, and bus manufacturing use these robots to construct the whole vehicle. With artificial intelligence, there is less chance of accidents and errors. Robots having artificial intelligence offer a 100% guarantee of an error-free compilation of a vehicle. They also do double or triple work as compared to human resources. The work done by artificial intelligence is not prone to mistakes or problems as they deal with the intricacies with great care.

Marketing And Advertising

No. We will turn to words on the Impact of technology on the field of marketing and advertising. Marketing and advertising fields have used technology to a great extent. Nowadays, any shop, restaurant owner, or business owner has a Facebook page or a website. Before Ordering or availing of any service, this is because people used to consult the online forums. They do check the reviews, recommendations, likes, dislikes, and experiences of people who have already visited that place or person.

Due to this reason, the chances of growing business by leaps and bounds for every business owner have emerged. Anyone can advertise and market their products to anybody in the world. The plus point of technology in advertising is that when you put an advertisement on the Internet, you have no idea where it will reach and how many people will see your product an ad.

To attract the traffic, every business owner has developed a website where they exhibit their products and services. On these websites, chatbots are introduce for instant interaction with the people who try to contact or avail of the services. These chatbots inform people about the latest offers. Deal with the problems based on the saved data. And do many more chores that are supposed to be done by human beings.

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