For web application development everyone desire to hire  .Net developers but in addition to this what is really important is knowing about the development tools for a web application at the enterprise level.

.Net technology is used by numerous of .Net developers as an open-source technology. It is a very crucial language as it is safe, and easy to implement for web application development. As it is used worldwide the third-party ASP.NET development tools utilization has also increased. These are a great support to the developers at the time of web application development.

ASP.NET Development Tools

Now you have to hire someone for developing a web application you can have multiple options present in the market and one of them is node JS developers, and .Net developers as the languages used like JavaScript, CSS, and Hand TML is familiar to them if you hire node JS developer you can get a more skilled person for your project as he would be trained in much more you wanted.

Though these tools are very useful for the developers it can be a very difficult task for the developers to find a tool that will work best. And to make an intuitive web application the developers have to research a lot and it can be a tedious and long task.

Don’t worry if you are a developer and doing the same, we have listed some of the best .Net development tools for all .Net developers to help save your time.

Top 12 ASP.NET Development Tools

1. Visual Studio

Visual Studio is used by an enormous number of companies worldwide by different dot net developers. This is also one of the popular and top choices on the list. The developers develop numerous web applications and portable applications using ASP.NET tools using .NET programming languages. This is considered one of the best tools as it deals with a huge amount of programming progressions.

According to the survey it is noted that a huge number of companies use the .NET programming language in the development stage which helps in the growth of the demand for this. Besides, by reinforcing the site’s visual studio with expansions like Intellisense, substitute errand ways, CSS/HTML/JavaScript, and so on, as an enhancer, this help becomes crucial for put recorded material as a printed copy and investigating code rapidly.

2. ReSharper

For information skilled .NET developers prefer ReSharper. As the ReSharper provides good and multiple functions solutions and also helps in refactoring automated code not only does it also provides direct code enactment. And so known as the most reliable tool of ASP.NET.

Who are still in their learning phase  ReSharper is a very good option for them. It provides 60 refactoring modes and around 450 setup tasks. Resharper is a very straightforward and reliable tool that development projects within a quick period.

3. LINQ Pad

LINQ Pad is considered unconnected while in use due to the lightweight extension. Due to this the efficiency of .NET can be verified by any .NET developer. In LINQ Pad the developer can test F#, C#, and VBA programs.

LINQPad is utilizing for testing intelligently multiple times quicker than Visual Studio. Moreover, it has a step-by-step troubleshooting experience, so it closely resembles the IDE. It has many good features which make it exclusive such as yield organizing, composed examination, and discretionary auto-finishing.

4. NuGet

NuGet is a Microsoft-upheld system for sharing code that depicts how bundles for .NET are made, streamlined, and extended. Furthermore, .NET engineers can get to outsider libraries and make or offer their own devices.

The .NET developers can likewise utilize NuGet bundles to share code solely to a business or a gathering since it upholds private hosts and the public have.

Furthermore, you can utilize NuGet bundles as a reasonable technique to factorize your code for utilization just in your projects. NuGet bundles are shareable units of code, however, they require or include no specific sharing technique.


If someone wants to work on a site with errors it is a great idea to have this ASP.NET  tools such as ELMAH troubleshooting. Developers can find gaps between the codes with the help of these error logging tools which also implies the running web application of .NET without any changes and recognizing data.

6. NDepend

NDepend is a static investigation ASP.NET Development Tool. The device upholds many code measurements, permitting visualizing conditions utilizing focused charts and a dependency network. Utilizing a couple of estimations, makes a difference .NET designers work on their codes. Moreover, this static investigation instrument is priceless for addressing code design and testing the work determined by the IDE.

7. Fiddler

Fiddler is hard to ignore when it comes to various ASP.NET development tools and advancements. It allows the dissemination of dynamic information networks  based on personalized visualization and supports personalization functionalities

It’s a Telerik product and uses between administrations and captures all correspondence.

Moreover, Fiddler has a strong prearranging subsystem and can be handily reached out with .NET Framework language expansions. A local.html document of the test webpage should be possibly disconnected to investigate issues with the client-side ASP.NET web application utilizing Fiddler. Furthermore, these tools can be utilized to make disconnected pictures of a disconnected perusing meeting, which can then be moulded and broken down for more definite troubleshooting data.

8. .NET Reflect

For the .NET framework this tool act as a decompiler, static analyzer, and even class browser. The .NET developers can use this tool just like outer segments without comments or documentation to troubleshoot the .Net code. It also provides you with information about the code decompiled and what the code contains.

With .NET Reflector’s extensible API, you can adjust the tool to meet your specific necessities. Different tools can likewise use the unparalleled decompilation and dismantling capacities of the .NET Reflector to help their capacities. Best of all, making your add-on is simple.

9. JSON Formatter

The JSON design is more direct than the IDE’s capacity to make JSON records, albeit most IDEs can coordinate JSON archives. Besides, JSON information is in like manner hard to utilize once more, which is the reason this gadget oversees JavaScript Object Notation, consequently making investigating simpler. At long last, the gadget conveys a compact, coherent result in JSON organization to the .NET computer programmers.

10. GitHub Desktop

This tool comes in the top 10 category due to its amazing features, and its perceptual properties which help in sensing the problem before any damage. It has extensive editorial management capabilities and strong local support. It also supports image differences. This also does not care about the APIs around it making it even better.

11. Postman

This tool helps in determining whether the results are correctly obtained by checking several APIs by determining output is correctly structured and reliable. It also infers how much time did the APIs take to procure the data. This tool has many benefits and is using by .NET developers. Many different tools are also using the best ones.

There are some advantages of this tool mentioned below which also help in saving time:

  1. This helps in maintaining organized and structured data.
  2. Efficient system integration
  3. Without any effort logic implementation is there.
  4. Quick and accurate testing.
  5. Code sources are shares.
  6. Many other resources are also accessible.

12. SQL Server

In this tool, the data is stored and retrieved only when the external software application requests. And this is the reason it is very reliable and is useful in many cases such as when installing through the setup wizard.

It is a very time-saving process as the system at the time of installation can do all the work on its own and also cancels any problem related to complex installation It has many advantages that can give an account of to us why ASP.NET is using this tool widely.

Extended Security:

Using a security management system SQL server can find security policies that are not compliant. And which results in only certified users can assess the database.

Improved Performance:

Using MS SQL a programmer can eliminate the process of writing the program using encryption and compression feature that is integral.

Excluded Ownership Cost:

Information base administration and investigation make it simpler for SQL Server to oversee circle dividing. Furthermore, the accompanying information the board rehearses ensures upkeep, openness, and ideal reuse of the server.


There are a plethora of ASP.NET tools available in the market and we mentioned some of the tools here in the blog you can pick the ASP.NET tools for your projects based on your requirement. Also, make sure that the tool you selected facilitate completing your ASP.NET development project without any bugs and within the scheduled time frame.

Here in this blog, we have discussed the ASP.NET tools but for using this you have you do some prior things such as hiring decent developers for your projects. You can hire Nodejs developers for extra benefits in your ASP.NET project. Hope this blog will be helpful for you.

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