what is Artificial Intelligencewhat is Artificial Intelligence

Intelligence In a general sense is the capacity of learning to understand and think. Human intelligence consists of the ability to adapt to certain changes in the environment. Gaining knowledge from past experiences, and a lot more. A great example of human intelligence is the ability to reason, assess a problem and find its solution. Intelligence is one among the other complex attributes of human behavior which can be influenced by both environmental and genetic factors of a specific person.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence stocks on the contrary are the capacity of a computer. A machine to do a piece of work that would generally be done by humans. A more subtle example to clarify how the artificial intelligence of computers works is a calculator. Earlier the basic math was done by humans themselves until the invention of this device that could do it for you. This invention made it easier for us, as now we don’t have to go through the extreme hassle of doing complex calculations. A plus point of calculators is that you can trust them. If you don’t have to be hesitant that the answer may be wrong. This is a basic example though this would not be considered. A very good example because developers have found even better inventions for the same.

The introduction of ALEXA the virtual technology assistant invented by Amazon has brought a greater deal of ease for humans. This device can get connected to all of your appliances back home which has a little process though. All you have to do is ask Alexa to switch a light on or switch the air conditioner off. It also has answers to all your questions as it is linked to google. Artificial Intelligence in current times is being very widely used for various aspects be it in developing new research for health, transport, public services, food, etc. It has a great deal of influence on our daily lives as well. The smartphones we use are our digital assistants ready to help just by a couple of our taps on the screen.

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Top Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

A tendency in human nature is to make mistakes computers however don’t make mistakes. If they are designed properly with artificial intelligence. Properly designed application reduces the tendency of error and increases the probability of accuracy.

1. No mistakes

Example- A human requiring a bulk of sheets of some text would probably make mistakes while writing. It is more than 10 times a printer otherwise would print the same text for the required amount of times without making mistakes and it would save a lot of time.

2. Assistance 24×7

A human being would be able to work for a maximum of 6 hours and at some point would need a break. But machines that are built with Artificial Intelligence are available to assist you whenever and wherever you need them.

Example- Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, and many other online shopping platforms have customer care services that are readily available at all times to help us with our problems.

3. Faster results

A human would take time to evaluate, calculate all the aspects to reach a particular decision. And then re-evaluate to ensure its accuracy which would take time. On the other hand, a device with Artificial Intelligence. And other similar technologies would provide the result quicker and with greater accuracy.

Example- Web searches are a great example. You have a query all you do is type that in on a search engine, and in seconds you have an answer to that query.

4. Daring Attributes

The humans love their lives obviously but they also want to satisfy their curiosity about things that would risk their lives. So they come out with machines with high Artificial Intelligence such as highly complex robots that would do the work for them.

Example- The satellites and robots sent into outer space to gather research material of what is beyond is a great example. And shows the potential of things that can be achieved with the right use of such intelligence.

5. New Developments

The developers have not stopped and don’t seem to have a plan to stop any time soon. They want things to be better and provide the best of even existing technological tools. There are new inventions and upgrades to old inventories from time to time.

Example-Upgrades are being made on all digital search engines to bring the voice research feature to make the search easier.

Amazon is coming out with new and better updates for its virtual assistant Alexa.


With the speed at which these developments are going. It would be helpful to face bigger challenges that the communities are facing. Maybe along with the time, we would be able to develop applications that could help with greater problems like global warming, overpopulation. Develop more energy substitutes like solar energy panels that could help preserve fossil fuel energy.


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