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Tool Kits – For apprentice mechanics that are just starting out in their new career there is plenty to think about without being worried about having to search for the wide array of tools they may or may not need in their future career. The enormous variety of brands and offerings that are available on the market today can make choosing a tool kit an overwhelming prospect.

So what are the best tool kits for apprentice mechanics?

Snap-On Starter Kits

Snap-on Starter Kits from Snap-on Tools Australia are explicitly aimed at those who are just starting out in their trade with the intention of removing the confusion from this important choice by being based on the applications and requirements of the real world.

The choice is a simple one for apprentices given the range of Starter Kit options they have available that cater to all needs and budgets from the metric 120-piece kit and top chest all the way to a 307-piece kit that can be purchased in both metric and imperial.

These tool ranges have been chosen to be ideal complements to each other and allow for the greatest amount of flexibility within work applications.

A variety of sizes and roll cab options are available and the strength of Snap tool boxes is well renowned by those in the trade. Apprentices can also customise their tool kit with different top chest, roll cab and colour combinations available.

Another big feature of these kits is Tool Control Foam that enables greater work efficiency by allowing for a more orderly tool configuration that makes for easier access and also allows for instant recognition of any missing tools.

SP Tools:

Another great manufacturer of tool kits for apprentice mechanics is SP Tools, which have developed their range in collaboration with a number of major auto manufacturers.

Tech Series Metric Only Tool Kits include tools that the requirements for have been reverse engineered by cataloguing all of the fasteners that are made use of in the manufacture of motor vehicles and then including the tools that are required to service these vehicles in these kits. The majority of auto manufacturers today only utilise metric components, so it makes sense for these kits to be metric only.

Tech Series Tool Boxes & Roll Cabs have been designed not only for the purpose of tool storage but also to be capable of withstanding the rigours of being in continual use and often being constantly moved from one location to another.

The boxes of all of these tool kits come with a frame construction in the style of a dog bone that provides maximum rigidity for heavy and high volume tools, with the load bearing framework being made from heavy gauge steel.

These tool kit boxes also come with heavy duty ball bearing slides complete with additional slides for the purpose of load bearing on deeper drawers, soft close drawers with Clicklock for security after closed or while being moved and dual gas struts stays atop the box lids.

Choosing the best tool kit can get an apprentice mechanic off to the best start in their new profession.

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