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You’re having trouble charging your iPad and don’t know what to do. When you put in your iPad, you expect it to charge, but the screen remains blank. In this post, I’ll teach you what to do if your iPad won’t charge and how to solve the problem permanently!

What’s the Deal With My iPad Not Charging?

There’s an issue with one of the four pieces that work together to charge your iPads when it won’t charge. These are the four elements:

  • The software on your iPad (iPadOS).
  • Your iPad’s power supply.
  • It’s your Lightning cord.
  • The charging port on your iPad.

This post will teach you how to determine which component is causing your iPad’s charging issue and how to solve it permanently!

What if My iPad Won’t Charge Beyond 1%?

If your iPad isn’t charging over 1%, it’s possible that you’re using a charger that’s too weak. Make sure you’re using the iPad’s original wall charger. Follow the step-by-step procedure below to diagnose and solve the problem if you’re already using the charger that came with your iPads.

Reset Your iPad To Factory Settings

When your iPad not charging, the first thing you should do is do a hard reset. It’s conceivable that the software on your iPad has entirely crashed, leaving the screen blank and your iPads unusable. If this is the situation with your iPad, a hard reset will repair the software issue temporarily.

If your iPad has a Power button, press and hold it together with the power button until you see the Apple logo appear in the middle of the screen. You may need to hold both buttons for up to 30 seconds at times.

If your iPad doesn’t have a Home button, press and hold the volume up, volume down, and Top buttons until the Apple logo displays on the screen.

Examine Your iPad’s Charger

iPadOS is able to detect power variations from the charger you’re using. Those power fluctuations might be viewed as a danger to your iPad’s safety. Rather than trying to push through, your iPad may just cease charging.

Charge your iPads using a variety of chargers, including every USB connection on your laptop and the wall adapter that came with it when you bought it.

Examine The Charging Cable

Examine the Lightning cord you’re using to try to charge your iPad next. Is the Lightning connection or wire itself frayed or discolored in any way?

Try charging your iPads with a different Lightning cable to discover whether it’s your Lightning cable that’s causing the issue. If you don’t have an additional cable, borrow one from a friend or go through the Payette Forward Amazon Storefront for options.

If one cable charges your iPad but not the other, you’ve worked out that the issue is with your charging cable, not your iPads!

Cables That Aren’t MFi-Certified Aren’t To Be Used!

As a side note, I’d want to stress the importance of utilizing MFi-certified Lightning cords. These are the kinds of low-cost cables you’ll find in your neighborhood convenience shop or petrol station. These cables aren’t usually MFi-certified, which means they don’t meet Apple’s high-quality Lightning cable requirements.

Because these cables are of poor quality, they might overheat and harm your iPads internal parts. If your iPhone, iPads, or iPod says “This Accessory May Not Be Supported” when you connect it in, it’s either broken or not MFi-certified.

Clean the Charging Port on Your iPad

Now that you’ve tested a variety of cords and chargers, it’s time to take a peek inside your iPad. Examine your iPad’s charging port using a flashlight (like the one integrated into your iPhone). We’re searching for any dirt, lint, muck, or other material that could be blocking your charging cable from connecting to your iPad’s charging port cleanly. If you want att email login check it.

Lightning ports are found on older iPads and consist of eight small pins that connect to a Lightning connector during charging. The USB-C connector on newer iPads contains twenty-four pins.

Getting Your iPad Fixed

Unfortunately, a series of technical troubleshooting methods will not cure every iPads that won’t charge. You may need to have your iPad repaired on occasion.

One of the most common causes of iPad charging issues is that it has recently been exposed to water or some other liquid. That liquid has the potential to permanently harm the connections within your iPads charging port, rendering it unchargeable.

We recommend getting your iPads serviced by Apple if you need it. Apple offers assistance in person, online, and by mail. If you want to visit your local Apple Store, schedule an arrangement first. You might waste a lot of time if you don’t have an appointment!

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