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Are you doing digital marketing for your business or clients but want to scale the results? Then the best way to do it is by using social walls. Marketers and brands are using creative social walls to drive audience engagement, leads, improve brand awareness, and much more.

A social wall is a feed of content aggregated from one or more social media platforms. The social wall can be designed to display live content or fixed content. Since social media platforms are already popular among the audience, you can further leverage them in the form of social walls for growing your brand. Let’s discuss some of the perks of using social walls in your digital marketing.

Benefits of using Social Wall for Digital Marketing

1. Higher Audience Engagement

In today’s digital world, just reaching the audience is not enough. It’s important to get them involved with engaging campaigns. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Creating engaging content and a campaign takes a lot of effort. The best option you can take is to build a social wall. Social media content fascinates people like no other, and you should leverage it on your social walls to attract the attention of your audience.

With social walls, you can show UGC, branded content, top industry content, etc., and other different types of content to bring engagement.

For example, Etihad Arena used a social wall for their event UFC 267 and leveraged UGC in the best way possible. The social wall boosted their engagement and led to thousands of social media impressions.

2. Increase Lead Conversions with Social Wall

One of the core objectives of doing marketing is to get more customers. But in today’s competitive world, that has become one of the biggest challenges for brands. However, businesses have used social walls as a key tool in driving more leads to the conversion stage.

This has been possible because social walls help you move through all the previous stages of attracting and engaging the audience, so converting them becomes easy.

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3. Get Sponsors

A social wall is a great space where you can display sponsored ads. Because the attention of the audience is already there on the social wall, it becomes an easy opportunity for other brands to get noticed by the people.

Since the engagement is very high with the use of the social wall, brands are ready to shell out the money you ask them for a single sponsored ad. It’s also a great opportunity for you to make some money.

4. Leverage UGC

In the digital marketing world, capitalizing on your customer’s feedback and love for your brand is the most ideal way to make your brand successful. User-generated content is the best way to launch your digital marketing campaign. And the best way to present UGC is through a social wall. You can collect the best social media posts from different platforms and present them on a single social wall.

For example, Porsche, the luxury car brand, presents a UGC social wall on its website. It shows the top customer posts from Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

5. Brand Awareness

Another benefit of using social walls in digital marketing is to spread awareness about your brand. If you are launching any new product/service or revamping your business identity, then the social wall is a good way to build awareness about it amongst your target audience.

6. Organic Reach

There are many digital marketing tactics that marketers use to improve the organic reach of their brands’ marketing channels, but the easiest of them all is using social walls. You can add social walls to your website, which will improve the engagement and thus SEO rankings of your website.

7. Insights and Analytics

There is more that comes with the use of a social wall in marketing, i.e., audience data insights. Tools that are used for making social media walls provide analytics tools. After using the social wall, you can derive the data from the analytics to understand how well your audience is interacting with the social wall. The data will help you make better content and campaigns that engage your audience.

Where Can You Use Social Walls in Your Digital Marketing?

  1. Events: If you are using event marketing, including live social walls is a great trick to create excitement and buzz in your audience.
  2. Website: Adding a social wall to your website will make your content engaging and add vibrancy to your website. Not to forget the boost in organic traffic and rankings; the social wall is a great element for your website.
  3. Email: Email marketing campaigns aren’t successful if you can’t get conversions or engagement. However, with the use of social walls, you can engage your audience and reinforce your brand authenticity leading to a higher conversion rate.

Over To You

Using a social wall for digital marketing has so many benefits in store for you. All you need to do is take the leap and integrate it into your marketing plan.

With the ever-rising competition, right now is the perfect time to get started and leverage social walls. They are not just the trend but a part of the future. So start planning how you will integrate a social wall into your marketing.

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