WPC Composite Fencing

The answer is yes, WPC composite fencing is an ideal alternative to traditional wooden fencing due to the advantages of the material itself. It is made of wood powder and recyclable thermoplastic, and the high quality of WPC decoration is not only in terms of durability but also in terms of visual effect.

WPC is an ideal material for outdoor decorations and is used in a wide range of applications. Other common WPC product categories include WPC exterior wall cladding, composite deck tiles, etc., which have the same advantageous properties. This article will introduce you to the benefits of installing these items.

Why Should You Choose WPC Composite Fencing?

If you are considering replacing or installing a new fence, wood plastic composite fencing is a great option. Many homeowners and contractors are turning to this material. The next section breaks down the reasons for this.

Protecting Privacy:

Provides a privacy barrier for the house and family. 


Resistant to cracking, insects and mildew.

Easy To Clean:

No need to paint.

Natural Look And Feel:

Its main component is wood fibre, which retains the preferred wood texture.


The raw materials of the wood-plastic composite fence are extracted from recycled materials and can be recycled eventually, adhering to the concept of sustainability from production to recycling and achieving sustainability. Contribute to a sustainable environment.

Why Should You Choose WPC Exterior Wall Cladding?


Long-lasting colour and corrosion-resistant.

Weather Resistant:

Resistant to heat, cold, and moisture.

Noise protection:

WPC exterior wall panels can effectively shield the outside world from sound and create a quiet space.

Beautiful Wood Appearance:

The beautiful appearance can match the house building and better blend with the surrounding natural environment.

Why Should You Choose Composite Deck Tiles?

Anti-Slip Surface:

Composite deck tiles have a grooved surface for effective slip resistance.

Sound-Absorbing Effect:

Compared with other types of materials, the sound absorption effect is very good. Especially when you walk on the aluminium deck or when rain falls on the aluminium deck, it can be very noisy. And composite deck tiles don’t have this kind of trouble. 

Easy To Install

WPC series products are equipped with a simple and easy-to-operate installation system, among which composite deck tiles are the easiest to install. Installation is quick and easy, saving time.

Low Maintenance Cost:

Not only the cost of time is short, but also the money and labour costs are very low. We always decorate outdoor spaces for leisure and not for labour.

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