Trump Facebook 700k Contreras Los AngelesTimes

Trump Facebook 700k Contreras Los AngelesTimes – The 700k Contreras on Facebook with more than 700,000 users, has evolved into an odd adherence toward his pundits from the political world.

Trump Facebook 700k Contreras Los AngelesTimes

The Los Angeles Times reports that his followers have created groups to protest and show their frustration (Brian Contreras/Los Angeles Times).

What Are You? Trump?

American politician as well as a media personality and commercialist Donald John Trump. Trump was President of the United States from 2017 to 2021. Everybody has been talking about Trump’s 700k Facebook Contreras in recent times.

Donald Trump was born on the 14th day of June 14th, 1946 located in Queens, New York. Trump has a father who is a rich real estate investor, but not his mother.

After he graduated from college Trump was employed by the real estate company run by his father in New York City. Trump Organization Trump Organization was formed in 1971 after Trump was named the president of a group of family-owned businesses.

Prior To Trump, The President Had 700k Followers On Facebook:

Trump’s Facebook account appears to be down for several months, at first glance.

The president’s last tweet was issued in the afternoon at 3:14 p.m. in the early day of the 6th of January 2021 at a time when Capitol violence was in full swing. In his tweet, the president urged all those in the Capitol to be at peace.

Trump Facebook 700k Contreras Los:

After he had posted the trump Facebook post-700k Contreras ( Link ) and the site, along with many other social media platforms and sites, they were able to shut him down for a lengthy period of time in order to spur protests and make it the story of final turmoil that followed his presidency’s coming to an end.

Trump Facebook 700k Contreras AngelesTimes:

Trump Facebook 700k Contreras Los AngelesTimes – However, this isn’t the entire story. In the husk of a carcass whale, whole ecosystems are slowly developed. Trump’s opponents and Trump supporters are continuing to argue and make fun of the final post’s comment a few months after the fact.

I’m not sure if anyone has heard any of these remarks however I’d like to remind you that we, the People are very happy for you President. Cyndi Lane tweeted her thoughts on April 14 – which is more than 98 weeks after Trump tweeted his tweet.

“Hurry to 2024″ or, if I were you, hurry up by 2024”

“I was hoping that someone he is friends with or collaborates with would tell his … the fact that we are missing his presence,” she said. “I am in tears over the loss. I’m worried that our country is in turmoil and I’m not sure how the situation will change. “

Trump Facebook 700k Contreras:

Over 700,000 people have commented about President Trump’s 700k Contreras post on Facebook. There were between 20000 and 200, 000 responses to posts that were posted prior to. Responses are posted on a regular basis every couple of minutes. The visitors to the Trump website will notice that the site has been turned into an informal forum that allows people to interact with or discuss the history of Trump.

Reactions To The 700k Trump’s Facebook CounterAttack:

In Relation To Trump’s Facebook 700k Contreras, We Have The Following Sources:

“We must know that we are heard,” one fan wrote on the 15th of April.

Following Trump’s Facebook 700k Contreras and all the other content on it, I truly want Facebook would take down this page. This is what I’m talking about … the post is a lie and is a joke at the end.” one user sent a message on 14 March. The response was an answer a few days after: “You’re addicted”. Your relationship is not satisfactory. Get help. “

Similar to Twitter’s decision to shut off Trump’s Twitter account. The method used by Facebook to block Trump has created this tiny but very long-lasting space of political commentary since the account is not accessible or responds to his prior tweets.

I’ve loved looking at people who write to him every all day or when I have time”, added Anthony Anderson, 69, an Angeleno who is employed in the field of education. Despite living in the liberal area of Los Angeles, Anthony Anderson has encountered a few Trump supporters, but not all of them. “I am working to get an understanding of what Trump individuals think.”

Comment Details:

However, these posts are often posted by conservatives in order to express their appreciation to Trump for his achievements as well as to discuss conspiracy theories about Biden’s presidency or incite excitement for Trump’s return the office in 2024. It’s possible that postings on social media are a means to gain emotional satisfaction for some individuals.

“For Trump fans and allies This site may be a solution to a problem of the parasocial relationship or inequities,” said Natalie Pennington who is an assistant professor in correspondence education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “Even even though they know they’re not Trump’s buddies They believe they are his friends, which is why they often make comments in a manner that appears coordinated to Trump, as if Trump is the person who is writing and reading and responding to them, yet the president doesn’t reply, as the public is boycotting him for it..”

Facebook 700k Contreras AngelesTimes:

Although she is from Oklahoma and not working, Andrews did notice the post-Trump Facebook 700k Contreras however, she only noticed it in her feed. On her blog, she stated, “I can’t believe Facebook reinstated him,” echoing the common error that people make when they read old posts, think it’s brand new, and think that Trump has the right to come back.

Andrews stated, “On Twitter, there isn’t any information. The page was taken down in a poof. So I was thinking Facebook did exactly the same.”

In spite of the absence of Donald Trump, the page remains active with his final post being displayed and the comments section continues to receive replies from people who do not remember him.

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